After two months of college students to save 12 summer special rescue drowning people-aspack

90 students two months to save 12 summer designed to save the drowning people – Beijing – reporter Han Jingwei correspondent Bu Yihan summer two months, 22 times to participate in public welfare activities, the scene involved in the rescue, 12 times, 9 times to remove the drowning person. In August 26th, college student Li Eryang ended his summer vacation in Zhengzhou, with full of positive energy, set foot on the train to Xi’an, began his graduate studies. The Yellow River to save people, was washed away in 1991 was born in Luohe, Li Eryang, Linying, in the afternoon of last, Zhengzhou, Liu Jiang, the Yellow River bridge, a boy fell into the river. Is playing near the three 90 college students quickly diving save, Li Eryang is one of the three to save college students. But Wu Yaozong, a fellow student at Henan Vocational and Technical College of Communications, is missing. Later, Li Eryang was named the province’s courageous advanced individual. If it was not for someone to pull me, may be able to save the pope." Li Eryang sad to say. Also at that time, Li Eryang knew that there was a Red Cross volunteer rescue team in Zhengzhou. From Xi’an to Zhengzhou, designed to save the drowning people summer in July last year, after graduating from Henan Agricultural University, Li Eryang admitted to a university student in Xi’an. This summer, Li Eryang from Xi’an to Zhengzhou, to find the obligation to rescue captain Niu Zhenxi, asked to participate in the rescue team. Zhengzhou red cross water volunteer rescue team was founded in 2005, is a pure public volunteer team. They interact with the 110, 119 command center. The rescue team from its inception, has been salvaged drowning more than and 200 corpses, successfully saved more than and 50 people in the first scene. The oldest player in the team is 69 years old, and the young players are also at the age of more than and 30. After 90 Li Eryang to participate in the rescue team to make cattle very unexpected. The rescue team has done statistics: since Li Eryang joined the rescue team in less than two months, participated in public welfare activities 22 times, including the scene to participate in the rescue of drowning in 12, rescued 9 people. 7 the evening of August 23rd, volunteer water rescue team to see Li Eryang off, but the food was on the table, he received a call for help, Dongfengqu some people jumped into the river. The players immediately went to save. On that day, the rescue team returned to the road, feel sorry for not giving Li Eryang a good line, used to Li Eryang micro letter envelopes, this incentive has a sense of justice. Li Eryang along the way received more than 800 yuan WeChat red. But Li Eryang will be 800 yuan red envelopes with WeChat transfer method, transferred to captain Niu Zhenxi, hoping for relief funds.相关的主题文章:

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