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All mine! Do you want to know the home of these errors is the autumn Jiezhuang season, many just start the new partner, are ready to put in a recent strike violently home decoration a. But you know what, home improvement is not only time-consuming and laborious, there are many errors in waiting for you. Green environmental protection material and decoration with the increase in environmental awareness, environmental protection has become a family decoration decoration of the building materials industry hype gimmick. In fact, most consumers have a certain misunderstanding of green home improvement, they believe that the selection is the main link to achieve green home improvement, and design, construction and other related links are often overlooked. Also, although each building materials products are qualified, but the release of harmful gases all the entire room in building materials will produce additive effect, the harmful gas produced by the superposition is likely to exceed the standard, therefore, single link building materials purchase does not guarantee the green Jiezhuang overall. Correct and reasonable design is only the first step to achieve green home improvement, construction is also an important link. The premise to be well represented in ensuring the indoor space, color, content, from the selected material is environmentally friendly, consumption is reasonable, whether there is indoor air circulation dead, whether there will be a few light pollution and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration of environmental protection design. The lamp lights and beautiful must be moderate, especially the spotlight. The pursuit of spotlights, will form a "light pollution", and not to imagine the effect. Scientific lighting should be combined with the main and auxiliary lights. At the same time, should also set chandeliers and wall lamp. As the saying goes: more abuse, less and fine. It is the finishing touch to say, but the actual operation is difficult. Lighting is also very particular about. If not a long time to leave, don’t turn off the lights, turn on the lights because once again, the instantaneous current power consumption more. In this way, but can not play a power-saving effect. The more and better tile tile thick on behalf of better quality? Is the glaze thickness related to antibacterial activity? There is no denying that the floor tiles to make the house look more elegant atmosphere, but not the bigger the better tiles. Large and thick brick is not only economic, but also increase the pressure on the floor. With the current antibacterial concept has been speculation, some businesses took the opportunity to play antibacterial glaze layer concept, more businesses can produce thick boast the sterile effect. In fact, the number of glaze is not important, as long as the product surface finish even reached the national standard of qualified products. Another from a technical point of view, the bathroom products to achieve some manufacturers say sterile is unrealistic. At present, only certain products because of the desire to add the antimicrobial agent, self-cleaning and antibacterial functions, but its duration is difficult to determine the antibacterial effect, but also is not once and for all. Common sense — Jiezhuang decoration materials selection should be safe, practical, comfortable and beautiful fashion attaches great importance to many families in the decoration, while the more basic goal of family security, practical, comfortable and not enough attention, often cost is very high, but left a security risk. In order to avoid these problems, experts advise: do not blindly pursue expensive materials; to understand some of the material on the air pollution and damage to the human body; should pay attention to fire prevention相关的主题文章:

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