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Outdoors The land of Pharos and the valley of Kings Egypt is one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire world. Egypt is on of the most sought after tourist destination where the visitors can explore the oldest civilization in the entire world. This beautiful destination is located in the North Africa and is among the most sought after tourist destination. This beautiful country is truly one of the wonderful places which some of the most fascinating and magnificent monuments. This wonderful country has rich heritage, unique culture and also is dotted with some major historical landmarks, which are very worth to visit and explore on your Egypt trip. Egypt is such a wonderful country and the most unique thing about this beautiful country is that more than ninety percent of the outstanding attractions of the country lie on the bank of the gorgeous River Nile. Some of the historical landmarks in this country are as listed below: Pyramids: Egypt is synonyms to Pyramids and truly no one can thing Egypt without the great Pyramids. These were built by the between the year 2600 BC and 1500 BC. The pyramids of Giza and the mysterious Sphinx are truly amazing among the numerous Giza in the entire Egypt. There are more than 80 Pyramids in this country. Luckily for the visitors most of the Gizas are located at the bank of the River Nile and this truly enhance the Egypt tourism. No, Egypt tour package will be considered as a worthy one until the visitors make there presence and explore such a unique wonder. Truly in the entire world there is no substitute to this attraction. Abu Simbel: This is the most archaeologically and impressive sites in this country which is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Abu Simbel is one of the most beautiful set of two temples which are simply carved out of red sandstones cliffs. This temple was built to as a dedication to Ramesses II, and the other to his wife, Nefertari. Truly this temple sight will offer you dream come true experience as of with any Egypt travel packages which is customized from a leading Egypt tour operator. Valley of the Kings: This is an ideal destination in Egypt which is blessed with wealth of fascinating historic culture in this country. This valley was built within the 1539 BC to 1075 BC. This valley of Kings has more than 60 outstanding tombs which truly are with splendid marvel of Architect can be explored. This valley of Kings stands on the west bank of the Nile. This beautiful valley is divided between East and West Valleys. The east valley contains some rocking tombs to explored and visit. It is estimated that there are more tombs that is been covered by the sand dunes which is yet to be discovered. Apart from these there are many attractions to be explored in Egypt with any Egypt holiday packages . So contact a tour operator and customize a package for Egypt and explore the wonders in this amazing country of Egypt. Truly the attractions in Egypt are beyond the imagination and which offer superb blend of modern and old culture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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