American photographer to bring a teapot to play self timer (Bilingual) kasey chase

American photographer to carry teapot playing the self (Bilingual) 1 While a falling leaf teapot self is indicative of the approaching autumn and a wild flower can be the epitome of heaven, a photographer from Michigan has transformed a humble tea kettle into a vessel reflecting the beauty she encounters on her journey through life. a world their flowers fall, open the world see micro. The photographer from Michigan recorded the beautiful moments of his life with an ordinary teapot. 2 Instead of resorting to teapot self phones or selfie sticks, Esha Biswas has chosen to record the most memorable moments in her life her graduation ceremony – including – by taking selfies reflected on the shiny surface of a metal kettle. without hand machine, no self bar, ISA · Biswas by metal mirror to record the teapot the most precious moments in life, including her college graduation. 3 " I was self teapot; fascinated by the way the kettle stretched and transformed the world around me it seemed to contain a; whole little world inside of it, with my figure always at the center of the globe Biswas told My Modern, " Met, a US-based photography website. "mirror image, stretching around the teapot the world’s deformation, I am deeply fascinated; as if it is locked inside a small world, and I am always in the center." Biswas told the United States well-known photography site My Modern Met. Teapot self timer 4 Th clean相关的主题文章:

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