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American singer songwriter "inciting robbery Chinese": FBI involved in the investigation of new network – in reference news network September 26th Hong Kong media reported that the American singer actually launched the song "to rob Chinese", the results caused a great disturbance in the local Chinese circles, and voices against the accusation. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website reported on September 22nd, this song by African American singer Hip Hop YG songs as "(Meet the Flockers) met robbers", inciting robbery and threatened Chinese lyrics, because Chinese money is deposited in the bank, but something not alarm. Reported that there are lyrics translated into: first, you find a Chinese community house, because they do not believe the bank. Then, you should find someone to drive several helper — someone rang the doorbell, but also a bold, do everything to grab…… Stop, wait and see, ring the doorbell to make sure no one is home. The lyrics also said: don’t take large screen LCD TV and laptop computer, stealing jewelry box is more cost-effective, because the pawn shop to get the day can be realized. Reported that the song’s music video (MV), two gunmen entered, lens fixed family portrait in a Chinese family of four. The MV uploaded to the video site YouTube, more than 150 thousand people to watch, the more than and 700 point praise. Prior to this, the song has been circulating on the Internet for more than two years, more than 400 thousand people in other sites click. According to reports, YG band in October 15, 2016 will also be the center of Philadelphia Wells Fargo performances. Reported that this caused anger in the United States in the circle of chinese. Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese national criticism of the song was arrested for the crime of robbery in the Chinese community and other criminal activities, called on everyone to YouTube on the protest report. On some Chinese websites in Canada, there are users posted a detailed tutorial on how to YouTube report, I hope there are as many Chinese issued a dissenting voice. The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) Philadelphia Office of commissioner Ailikesi? In response to local Chinese Kriging report said that this song is not only vulgar is also worrying, FBI has arranged for someone to investigate the case, but not from the video site removed. Chinese lawyers in California said that the video has nothing to do with the freedom of artistic creation, we must resolutely oppose.相关的主题文章:

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