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Analysis: a substantial increase in Temperley found water durjaya Sohu vs 2016 Temperley Catholic Youth a first round game time: 2016-8-30 Tuesday 8:15 Liverpol handicap: 1.14 half 0.79 average odds: 2.35 3 3.01 [1.] the score data of this game is a league in the last game. The home court is in Temperley against Catholic Youth will. 16 games 2. Temperley last season only got 4 wins, 4 draws and 8 defeats. Among them, the home won 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 negative results. 3., the visiting Youth League just upgraded to Serie A last season, they ranked in the first group of eighth, performance is still quite good. Among them, the results were somewhat poor, only 3 and 5 negative results. The 4. sides in the League last season in spring was not against, in 2014 there have been two rounds of competition, Temperley is 1 to 0 victory over the opponent. Their psychological advantage should be relatively large. [analysis] asian handicap found water in this game SMG has reached 2.4, the average ratio of main – level higher. William found water up from 2.10 to 2.45 now, the main victory payment risk is very high. The water level of the visiting team has a trend of not decreasing. The home team didn’t have a big advantage. The disc recommended: Catholic Youth will be affected by Pingban SMG recommended: 1, 0

阿甲分析:坦珀利主胜水位大幅上调难胜-搜狐  坦珀利vs天主教青年会   2016阿甲第一轮   比赛时间:2016-8-30星期二8:15   利记盘口:1.14平半0.79   平均赔率:2.35 3.00 3.01   【捷报比分数据】   1.本场比赛是阿甲联赛本轮最后的一场比赛。由坦珀利在主场对阵的是天主教青年会。2.坦珀利上个赛季的16场比赛只拿到了4胜4平和8负的成绩。其中主场拿到了3胜3平和2负的成绩。3.客队天主教青年会在上个赛季才升级到甲级联赛,他们排名在第一小组的第8位,表现还是相当好的。其中在客场成绩有些差,只有3平和5负的成绩。4.双方在上个赛季的春季联赛没有进行对阵,在2014年有过对赛,坦珀利两回合都是1比0战胜了对手。他们的心理优势应该比较大。   【亚洲盘口分析】   本场比赛竞彩的主胜水位达到了2.4,比平均的主胜水位还要高一些。而威廉的主胜水位从2.10上调到现在的2.45,其主胜赔付风险是非常高的。客队的水位却有不小的下调趋势。主队并没有太大的优势。   亚盘推荐:天主教青年会受平半   竞彩推荐:1、0相关的主题文章:

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