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Diamond group: Hot analysis – European silver Delagi continue to be optimistic about the current policy halt the troops and wait the client to view the latest quotes [] a review of the European Central Bank [micro-blog] to maintain the current monetary policy unchanged, governor Delagi in the subsequent press conference reporters on the current session of monetary policy made positive. [] the next day hot European Central Bank announced that the latest interest rate decision: the European Central Bank to maintain the main refinancing rate unchanged at 0%, in line with expectations. Overnight deposit rates remain unchanged -0.4%, in line with expectations. Overnight lending rates remain unchanged at 0.25%, in line with expectations. Maintain the size of the monthly asset purchases unchanged at 80 billion euros, in line with expectations. And Delagi in the subsequent press conference Q & a session, the prospects for the future of the region’s economy, inflation expectations and the current monetary policy has done a very positive evaluation and affirmation. The author thinks that the market too much for him to take more action in the necessary position, this position is not related to future actions, but as the central bank in the economy to the downside risks must bear responsibility. The market seems to be ignoring his optimism about the current situation. Delagi said that the current monetary policy for the economy and inflation played a very good role in boosting, with further monetary policy to the real economy, domestic demand has been more boost. The current monetary policy transmission is very effective, help to continue to push the 20172018 year [micro-blog] inflation level. Consumer price index is expected to rise in the next two years will rise to 1.2% and 1.6%, close to the central bank’s inflation target of 2%. At present, the eurozone borrowing booming, survey shows that loan risk aversion is no longer a problem, actually the competition between banks and promote the loan. There is no cash hoarding in the euro area. In addition, the economic recovery is different from the previous recoveries, the place is that the recovery is low prices and low interest rates and so on, consumers can cash increase, stimulate consumption, which is different from the previous economic recovery is dependent on exports, once the external environment changes, it will weaken the export. In other words, the current round of recovery will be more sustainable. [] the hot effect through Draghi press conference statement and answer session after the speech, the European Central Bank for the current monetary policy transmission mechanism, the outlook for the economy and inflation are actually very optimistic, such as the content of the above reasons. Then as the euro zone economy continues to strengthen, while the U.S. economy suffered an upward bottleneck in the interest rate hike is expected to continue to fall in the background, the euro is expected to continue to strengthen. If the future international oil prices continue upward or in the current level stabilized, for global inflation and consumer confidence will play a certain role in boosting the future central bank to launch more loose momentum will continue to decline, as Delagi constantly stressed on the question and answer session, government fiscal policy and monetary policy must work together to stimulate economic growth but, not just rely on one side of the G20 statement for this effort, the best interpretation. In general, the future.相关的主题文章:

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