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Anhui Heli listed twenty years: national brand into the world eight – Anhui – People’s network news channel 20 years journey 20 years, passing the torch. In October 9, 1996, as the core enterprise of Anhui Forklift Group, Anhui Heli Limited by Share Ltd listed on the Shanghai stock exchange and became the first listed company in china. October 9, 2016, Anhui joined Limited by Share Ltd ushered in the 20 anniversary of the listing of A shares, and in the afternoon held a celebration ceremony in the joint industrial park. Since listing, efforts to develop a clear brand development strategy (into the world top five, first-class brand), through a series of scientific management ideas and methods, from a single forklift layout gradually to the diversified development, the company also carried out the connotation of a series of transformation, the enterprises started into the development of the "fast track" development, add the new power. At present, Anhui Heli forklift has an annual output of 100 thousand Taiwan power, except in Chinese create tens of billions of industrial vehicle industry platform, also the global establishment of more than and 80 agents, the products are exported to more than and 140 countries, and the construction of the European center in northern France investment force. Global brand influence grows day by day. Anhui Heli plant in 1958, since 1991 Anhui Heli forklift China ranked first in the industry, has won the Chinese quality award, the Shanghai stock exchange information disclosure Award nomination, the Anhui provincial government quality award, it represents China national brand into the world industrial forklift vehicles eight. When talking about the future development, Anhui joint Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Dejin at the opening ceremony said: "Anhui Heli is a new starting point once again set sail, will move into an international first-class modern enterprise goal, and strive for the realization of manufacturing strategy, to become a respected enterprises to embark on a new journey." In celebration of the day, Anhui Heli announced since 2011 launch of the fifth management revolution and a series of major achievements: Based on the new product line and business platform officially launched, the brand-new force official website, based on Android and apple IOS system to create a fine treasure on the line APP, and the SAP ERP project successfully in Baoji together. The ceremony also invited a group of leaders and guests for the ability of innovation and development and strategic planning are made a speech, and in the roundtable Forum on the concern and attention of the investors involved in business management issues together in many aspects of the answer.   (commissioning editor: Fan Xiaolin, Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章:

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