Anhui, Lujiang, 4 children were drowned-vidown

Anhui, Lujiang, 4 children were killed in the accident – in an online news, according to the Anhui daily news, the time to see the school, but the county’s 4 children can no longer go to their favorite school. The Baishan town village with spring two pupils missing night, yesterday morning was found drowned in the Chaohu. At the same time, Lujiang County town of mud also occurred in the same tragedy, two boys drowned in the river. 3 children go out to play only 1 home 13 year old little Xia is a white town village with spring primary school grade 5 students, his father working outside, usually with her mother and sister to stay at home. The afternoon of August 28th for an hour, a man and a woman two students came to Xiaoxia home, small summer to mother offered to go out to play with them, but was her mother’s objections, Xiao Xia had to give up. Then the mother went to work. But in the evening, she was busy working farm home, found a small summer has not at home. "After you left, your child went out with two students." Someone told her mother. Until the dinner is ready, Xiaoxia still not home. It doesn’t feel right, mom went to the village to find his son, but soon came the bad news: 3 children go out, finally only a child back, a small summer and another female classmate Jun missing. Second days in Chaohu found that two people drowned back the boy told the small summer mother, his 3 in the afternoon to go home, and that he is not clear. In the evening, the whole family was looking for a place where students often went to play in their homes and children and a nearby hill. More than 12 in the night, still running on the road. "The place where the children can go, they can’t find it." Small summer mother lay awake the most of the night. Unfortunately, more than 6 points in the morning, wash clothes on the shore of Chaohu, the villagers found the water floating in a child, the first float is the small summer students Jun, then people fishing with nets in the vicinity, 8 o’clock in the morning, Xiao Xia’s body was salvaged. "Two days on the grade six, but he can not go……" Small summer mother grief, did not know the child out of this time what happened. It is understood that another child Jun is the only child in her family, usually lived with my grandfather, parents are working outside. 29 morning, Grandpa found Jun watches on the shore, "her grandfather watches carefully to pick it up, says the watch is usually the most children love things, grandpa put on her, let her wear the most love watch." The lake also placed the child clothing according to witnesses, Jun and small summer bicycles are still some distance away from the site of the incident. There are a lot of big stones in the lake, two children drowning place, but also put their shoes, watches and other objects. "The girl’s watch on the shore, the boy’s coat off the shore, the two children’s shoes are off the shore." One villager said the girl was dressed up when she was salvaged, and the boy was wearing jeans. Small summer family guess, two children may be in the water, accidentally slipped into the deep water area. Reporters on the scene saw the water edge of the long stone Chaohu water waves.相关的主题文章:

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