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Julian Cheung Anita Yuen Arale Dong sweet high warning high adorable struck – Sheenah, Anita Yuen   entertainment Sohu; and the first grade students of the Sohu entertainment news this Saturday night, happy family with most love husband and wife Julian Cheung, Anita Yuen, Tian Liang, Sha Yi, Dong Li the most adorable daddy, Zhang Lunshuo, they came to the "happy camp" show happiness! Xian Liang couple Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen, a big show of affection "and mad dog food". Daddy Tian Liang, senior Sha Yi collocation budding daddy Zhang Lunshuo offered exclusive wonderful invention with the baby, refresh the audience cognitive layers. The popular "Arale pattern" advertising creative talented intern daddy Dong Li. The front constantly exciting, full of happiness! Julian Cheung Anita Yuen comedy love poems cited audience choking each other touching tears ran "Xian Liang", "Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung were the first grade students" sweet appearance of "happy camp", the romantic style of mutation, was choking each other, love to kill "did not stop. Julian Cheung even bluntly said to Anita Yuen, the whole person is not too satisfied". Wife Anita Yuen also responded to not resigned to playing second fiddle without her, he is a pig". The words came out, Julian Cheung was a sensitive nerve burst point, then come up with the killer threat wife don’t buy a bag! Is the bane of zhichuo Anita Yuen is like a bolt from the blue! However, when Julian Cheung Anita Yuen wrote his soulful reading letters, between the lines filled with a deep sense of love, simple words reveal the truth, Anita Yuen’s wife poke in the heart, causing the audience collective tears. Frank Anita Yuen has always been calm in tears I love my husband so that, although usually not much, but the inner world is very rich. This period as soon as this continues "Xian Liang Law", be careful to show a face oh! Dong Li Arale Tian Liang Sha Yi Zhang Lunshuo interactive adorable skyline with a baby "artifact" recently emerge in an endless stream the network burst red "father", "Adorable" Dong Lei CP, Arale in this field to continue to send sugar. "Creative talented" Arale live a soul song, warm heart confession Dong dad, dad got full of magic skills, across the screen can feel warm and sweet love daughter. More updated version of the song of Long Johns, Xiaofan audience. High sweet interaction simply crazy station CP! Daddy wonderful with baby "artifact" emerge in an endless stream. Senior daddy Tian Liang pushed his "baby car". The perfect combination of the baby carriage with the bicycle body, won the Li Yihang and Arale two adorable baby sought success to meet the "two child" family needs. Daddy Zhang Lunshuo fashion show cool camera, obsessed with adorable baby. The routine three of Sha Yi, is to offer you a pink sweater piece. Arale put on after the second "Little Pink MOP", Montreal creep up mengchuo audience bursting point. Want to be a good daddy, must pass the physical. The upgraded version of "jump goat" high-energy strikes, difficulty of guards, non combat personnel please evacuate. He teacher by virtue of their "proud body", the success of being stuck in the air, can not move. The high value of the male god Zhang Lunshuo with a muscle strength and over. "Fencing flower" Dong vigorously vigorously miracle, give full play to the advantages of the lead. Once diving Prince Tian Liang!相关的主题文章:

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