Ants serving gold over 10 million ASEAN users will promote inclusive finance to accelerate the door exit safe mode

The payment service users over 10 million ASEAN will promote the accelerated out of the country – inclusive financial Beijing Beijing in September 11 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Wei Xi) Alipay parent company ant payment service is trying to get through to the ASEAN region Inclusive Finance "the last kilometer". In September 11th, the second session of the Chinese ASEAN Information Port forum, ant gold dress international division vice president Peng Yijie said, in recent years, through the laying of cross-border payment infrastructure, ant payment service has served more than 10 million users of the ASEAN, future gold service output through hope ant technology and experience, together with partners to Promote ASEAN inclusive payment service development. Peng Yijie introduces, at present, the two major business segments ant gold suit’s Alipay has been in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places to carry out cross-border online payment, cross-border line, preliminary build for the local payment as the core of the financial infrastructure based on internet. Among them, the cross-border online payment business is committed to China – ASEAN economic belt to solve the problem of online trade payments. With the help of Alipay cross-border online payment service, on the one hand, ASEAN people can be implemented in Taobao, Ali aliexpress convenient shopping payment, enjoy China commodity benefits; on the other hand, including airlines, online business platform and other ASEAN online businesses can achieve cross-border sales of goods and services for China users, great to promote online trading between ASEAN and Chinese. "In the ASEAN region, using Alipay technology service has more than 10 million users, Alipay has become the important foundation of local Internet facilities". Peng Yijie said. Unlike online payment, cross-border business line is focused on the line for local businesses to provide mobile payment, and connecting the surrounding Alipay user service capabilities, to help them better do China tourist business. At present, Alipay such cross-border business line has been around Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kampuchea, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries and regions. Among them, there are more than 10 thousand stores offline businesses access Alipay, covering restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, duty-free shops, theme parks and other almost all idle away in seeking pleasure consumption scenarios. Next, we would like to extend the ant Pratt & Whitney mode to ASEAN, help local inclusive financial development." Peng Yijie said. Peng Yijie refers to the ant Pratt & Whitney model is a technology based inclusive financial services. Currently, this model is accelerating out of the country, affecting the world. Peng Yijie in the electronic payment platform Paytm India as an example, this is called the India version of Alipay company, investment and output from the ant payment service technology and experience, the user scale growth of about 20000000 from a year ago to the current 135 million. Now, Paytm has been able to provide payment, savings, remittances, transfers and other financial services in India, to create more inclusive financial opportunities for local India. Peng Yijie said that the successful experience in China exploration of the Internet business, product and technology based on ant payment services in the future will be to the ASEAN region also seek strategic cooperation, capital cooperation and other forms of cooperation with ASEAN local partners)相关的主题文章:

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