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Apple conference Preview: a new version of apple notebook is coming – Sohu technology Apple conference will be held in the United States on October 26th, the meeting will be released what fun things? Faster than the Hongkong reporter ran a small probe has been investigated for some of you! Let’s find out about it! MacBook Pro on a MacBook or released in 2012 of the Pro. After a lapse of four years, apple finally launched the new MacBook Pro. Lighter, thinner design: Bloomberg expects the new MacBook Pro will have 13 and 15 inches in two models, but will be lighter than the previous version. Changing touch bar: this should be the biggest highlight of the new MacBook Pro. When the computer is in a closed state of the touch bar is completely black, when the screen is displayed on the contents of the touch bar will be displayed on the corresponding color button symbols, etc.. For example, you use Word, touch bar will display a copy and paste selection etc.. For example, when you are using the PS, the touch bar may display brush and other tools. This greatly improves the user experience, after all, very few people are willing to remember a variety of shortcuts bar! How tired ah ~ a fingerprint scanner: like iPhone and iPad, MacBook and Pro may also have the function of fingerprint reader. Bloomberg in August, the times said the scanner will be located on the edge of the new touch, is the first generation of MacBook Pro power button position. According to the leaked chart, rumors may be true ~ USB-C: well, the new version of apple MacBook Pro used in the USB-C design is not surprising, but the problem is: the new version of MacBook Pro will have a few ports? Now, we have only a few news of May. If they are accurate, this means that the new Pro will have 4 USB-C ports, almost replaced by the other. This means that there is no dedicated power connector, no HDMI port, no SD card slot…… Thought of here my heart is broken, do everything with a card reader. Ha ha da! Of course, the new version of Pro will be faster, there will be some changes in the specifications. According to reliable Apple analysts predict that Apple will use the Skylake processor Intel, may launch early next year. May also enhance the performance of Retina. HMM, I don’t know if Pro will have more colors to choose from MacBook Air MacBook Air may also have some updates. According to Bloomberg reports, Apple may increase the USB-C port on the Air, may replace the existing USB 3 port. IMac iMac design is good, it in 2014 and in the year of 2015 has been a big update相关的主题文章:

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