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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The nano technology is giving the new shapes to electronics gadgets. VLSI (Very large scale integrated circuits) is used to make electronics devices of small size. All electronics devices contain chips and each chip consists of billion of transistors. Manufacturing these chips small by using transistors are done by nano technology. And the example of this is ipods. As in past walk mans are very popular in demands but is run only by cassettes but these walk mans are no longer in demand they have taken the shape of ipods, ipods shuffle. Ipods are better not only in size but also by features. The walkmans requires battery which is in the form of pencil cells but these ipods are very much advantages as it has inbuilt batteries which are rechargeable means you dont have to waste money on buying pencil cell again and again. One more beneficial thing is that it has inbuilt memory no cassettes, or external part is required for the songs. They provide the memory space that it can store millions of mp3 and mp4 songs in the small ipods having negligible weight, size. Ipods are classified Mp3 ipods, Mp4 Ipods. Bootable mp4 player Ipods are of two type audio ipods, video ipods. In audio ipods there is option to listen the songs but in the video ipods there are options to see video and hear audio mp3 songs. There are different manufacturers in the market for ipods like apple. Apple is one of the leading manufacturer of ipods not only in one country but also worldwide. Apple ipods are available with different configuration, in attractive size, attractive colors like pink, white, means thousands of colors are available. Apple ipods shuffle provides memory space of 1 GB, 2 GB up to 8 GB. Now the latest launched these devices are vanish the name of ipods and emerging in the form 1) Ipod nano 4gb which is available in 4 different colors and 8gb ipod nano which is available in 2 different colors 2) Ipod touch which is available in 8 gb and 16 gb 3) Ipod Classic All three ipod nano, touch and classic are the product of apple. Apple is the market leader of these nano, touch, and classic ipods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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