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The music in the United States factory "foundation" never started alleged Ponzi scheme – the Sohu news for nearly two weeks the capital chain tension storm just calm down, as the plot reversal again. First, as the holding CEO Jia Yueting CKGSB students under the banner of the man Wah holdings, Luye pharmaceutical clarify not with music as signed investment arrangements; after media reports, in the U.S. state of Nevada LETV automobile plant has been just a clearing, Nevada Finance Minister even called the project "a Ponzi scheme". The new financing and turmoil earlier this month, as the capital chain problems of the news spread like wildfire, LETV shares fell continuously, and an important cause of capital chain tension in LETV car body. Then Jia Yueting LETV and adopted a series of remediation measures, the first is Jia Yueting send internal letter reflection, admits that "LETV expansion burn too fast", held 9 days and investors in the exchange to appease investors. The 13 day, Jia Yueting localization in WeChat in Hongkong, and said the "forage first, ecological strategy of second stage solid sail Mark". The industry believes that the so-called forage may refer to the financing. 15, LETV announced a $600 million investment in more than ten students Jia Yueting of Cheung Kong Graduate School of business. Jia Yueting micro-blog is also listed a long list of thank yous, "touched by ING, thank Chairman Hailanjituan Zhou Jianping, Hengxing Group Chairman Ke Xiping, Yihua Group Chairman Liu Shaoxi, USI holdings chairman Huang Minli, chairman Wu Guangming, chairman of the group of diving green group chairman Liu Dianbo, Morningside group Lu Wenchun." However, yesterday, USI Holdings asiapharm clarify not with music as any investment arrangements, USI holdings chairman said, only personally invested letv. For this, the music also released a note. That said, more than 10 students, Jia Yueting and Cheung Kong signed a total investment of $600 million agreement, which, USI holdings chairman Huang Minli, green group chairman Liu Dianbo Department of personal investment, the non-listed company for the senate. The music as the total investment of $600 million, will be divided into two phases, the first phase of $300 million will be credited to the account this month, the money will be invested as the car ecology and LeEcoGlobal. In the United States led to a serious problem is the factory, as the United States and the United States electric vehicle manufacturers to invest in the future of Faraday also came to the capital chain problem. Yesterday, the media reported that the state of Nevada, Treasury Secretary Schwartz said that the state of Nevada and the music group brothers Faraday future (FaradayFuture) have agreed, if Faraday in the state to build factories and investment of about $1 billion, the state will provide support through tax cuts and matching infrastructure investment. But the factory since the foundation has not started. Schwartz said it would take at least 3 years for the plant to start production. If the music or Faraday can not be developed and mass production, the factory must be extended indefinitely. Business, due to lack of funds and the project is not uncommon. Previously, Schwartz in an interview, the music and the most famous American Ponzi trader Bernie Madoff? (BernieMadoff.相关的主题文章:

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