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How I Answered A Desperate Cry For Help From A Man Tormented By Evil Spirits Posted By: David Almeida

negative entities evil spirits Psychic Protection: Etheric Spiders Psychic Vampires Posted By: Jim Cassa Want to know more bout etheric spiders and psychic vampires? Many folks have seen spiders in dreams, visions, and nightmares. Experiences of the paranormal is common. The many experiences on etheric spider entities are too numerous to ignore. These reports are consistent in many ways. They sound out of this world, almost like science fiction, but it is a fact many have endured this esoteric psychic experience for real. Is it all about the paranormal? There have been creepy crawling astral entities that attack folks in their dreams, upon awakening, and sometimes they appear in meditation. Let us try to assemble some etheric spider facts. Esoteric spiders are common as evidenced by the many real life encounters told by others. The astral experiences have some common key themes that run like carbon to steel with every account. It is here we can gain some insight into this astral spider phenomena. Etheric spiders exist in the fourth dimension. This is why they are so hard to see with the naked eye. In the lucid mind state, the state of consciousness between dreaming and wakefulness, is when they are often spotted.

etheric spiders The Biography Of John Holland Posted By: Craig Malone John Holland describes himself as being one of the top ten mediums in the U.S. He specializes in talking to spirit messengers in order to help people connect with someone on the other side. This helps bring troubled relatives and friend’s peace, comfort or closure if someone has died. The idea is that a final communication from beyond can bring a sense of happiness to both parties and even release worried souls from bondage to earthly partners, so they can travel towards a final destination. He was born as a natural intuitive and has been studying metaphysics all of his life. He received confirmation of his special psychic abilities after he was nearly killed in accident when he was 30 years old. It was this healing crisis that made him into the wounded healer that he is today. He is also known as Dr. John Holland thanks to honorary degrees he has received. He reached true fame a few years ago when he appeared as a guest psychic on CBS television’s "Unsolved Mysteries." The success of his books, Born Knowing and Psychic Navigator, has enabled him to garner a worldwide audience.

john holland The Metaphysical View Of Death And Life After Death Part 5 Posted By: Luxamore When the time for transition has come to the incarnated soul–the exact moment of which is determined and initiated by the Higher Self–the physical seed-atom which contains the soul-plan of the Higher Self, releases certain information to the endocrine glands via the blood stream to stimulate the death process. The glands then secrete certain substances that Earlyne Chaney calls the "death hormone." This hormone then circulates around the physical system releasing the immaterial aspect from the physical. The mental, astral and etheric bodies dissociate themselves from the physical body, followed by the seed-atoms. The first to be affected and released is the mental seed-atom. As it leaves the physical body, the mental records of the soul and consciousness goes along with it. This is in fact the commencement of the bardo, of which no soul can avoid experiencing, even in a sudden impact of death. Once the mental seed-atom escapes from the physical system, the physical body falls into a coma. Although the physical body still reacts to external stimuli, there is no registration in the consciousness of the soul through the brain. Next to be liberated from the physical body is the astral seed-atom.

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