At home and abroad were pushing the Fuzhou language song custom songs became popular in the new

At home and abroad were pushing the Fuzhou language song "custom" songs became popular in new network – China News Agency, Fuzhou, September 4 (Lin Chunyin Su Yiyu) "the wind, a chopsticks line safe after the rain, send me another accent station in Fuzhou was heard outside the song what flavor has poked heart." A shrimp sauce thick smell of Fuzhou dialect song "sing the song" Fuzhou, Malaysia, and Fuzhou is quietly in Taiwan "Fuzhou circle" became popular. Sing the song "Fuzhou" is just ended in Malaysia Perak second Fuzhou dialect song push new singing contest theme song lyrics by the president of the Fuzhou Association of Malaysia dialect song Lai Dongfang, famous musician Lin Wanbang puqu. In the evening of 3 in the NBA Finals, the song "meditation, growling, chewing head" to get the audience with folk music. Fuzhou dialect has a "Tang tone living fossil," said the weakening trend in the dialect, Fuzhou local cultural groups are taking a variety of initiatives to revive the mother tongue. According to media survey, nearly 40% of Fuzhou’s young people will not listen and speak the Fuzhou dialect, in this embarrassing situation eased, and Liaoyuanzhishi to overseas. Lai Dongfang 4, told News Agency reporters interview, tells the story behind the song folk music nostalgia story, "both at home and abroad to promote the polymerization of Fuzhou together with the Fuzhou dialect song reform or inquiry to cater to young people to do music, we are all in order to restore the mother tongue". To attract young people sung Fuzhou dialect songs, Lai Dongfang is the most important thing right now. "Even in the prosperity of TV shows, is not optimistic, but in the competitive field show KTV, has sung the song words, Fuzhou is really a market." Lai Dongfang showed reporters he also a variety of style creation, including rock style, lack of tenderness Madden love wind, fresh wind off the campus, the subject matter is Fuzhou local elements. In his words, "a small shrimp eat two pieces, two pieces of money left to others, leaving two people to eat meal" that ordinary life experience, "round rub, rub round, bran pig, meter raised, duck eggs raise sieve rice nursery rhyme master" also, "Ao Ao nine, nine, whipped porridge whipped her house door to the Fuzhou folk. Even at the age of 14, 13 depict adolescence, is full of oil flavor: "recently, the volcano erupted, to open a flower, my body is very hot, can not stand, not the catch, going to the playground." Fuzhou singer Zhang Xilong carrying a first "Voyage" to the milk Niang song match, the song "powerful" song from both sides of the common customs letter Chen Jing gu. He often gives the occupation of overseas visitors to tour guides for the group to sing a few songs, "overseas Chinese, especially to hear." "More and more young people are willing to sing songs of Fuzhou dialect, more and more overseas Chinese are willing to close to mother tongue, this also means that the save folk nostalgia." Lai Dongfang said. But Lai Dong to worry that, does not mean that everyone will dialect this dish, his biggest dream is to make Fuzhou dialect songs, commercialization, "to create a demand for it, popular culture, commercial vitality". "Sing the song" Fuzhou "is the ultimate challenge to cater to young groups, unbelievable personality tension technology beyond the". Lai Dongfang said, this is he and Lin Wanbang two years old相关的主题文章:

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