At the age of 96, prem Tinsulanonda appointed Regent of Thailand, heir to suspend the throne-drop dead diva

The 96 year old prem Tinsulanonda · Ren Thailand regent, heir to throne prem Tinsulanonda on · (map) original title: Thailand, the president of the Privy Council prem Tinsulanonda appointed · regent, heir was suspended according to the Russian satellite network quoted "Thailand daily" reported that the president of the Privy Council prem · Thailand Tinsulanonda (Prem; Tinsulalongda) in Thailand, King Bhumibhol · Adu died, according to the constitution of Thailand as regent. (editor’s note: prem Tinsulanonda · born in 1920, this year 96 years) Thailand’s parliament held an emergency meeting, decided to suspend the heir to throne. King Bhumibhol a (information) to the death of the king of Thailand earlier Senator Bhumibhol · Adud 9 minutes of silence after the end of the meeting. The Prime Minister of Thailand prayudh · zhanaocha later said, according to the king Bhumibhol King Maha · storage inheritance law chosen to inherit the throne; Vajiralongkorn. He asked parliament to defer his throne. He explained that in the hope that before he took the throne by status and present people mourn their father. 13 days, Thailand palace office announcement, Thailand king Bhumibhol · A Dudman died at the age of 88.相关的主题文章:

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