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At the end of 60s two Guo Moruo killed his son do express grief core tip: from this moment, he began to use the brush strokes, Gonggongzhengzheng copy son Guo Shiying’s diary, a copy of the eight copies, until his death, are placed in the desk. Which contains the kind of sincere heart, contains how great sorrow oh! Of course, this is not only his personal tragedy, but also the tragedy of the whole nation.   this paper from the Guo Moruo data figure: Author: Lei Yi, the original title: Guo Moruo Cao Cao for "the verdict" is to kill the rulers defended? . unfortunately, Cao Cao advocates for the verdict, Cao Cao praised the arbitrary historian, a few years later was spared in the "Cultural Revolution" violent persecution. The "Cultural Revolution" at the beginning, Jian Bozan was a "reactionary academic authority" uncovered, suffered abuse, both husband and wife were persecuted to death in 1968. Guo Moruo also by outsiders do not know the great pressure, forced to declare his work should be burned all the past. But for him, a cruel blow up. In 1967, his ninth child, Guo Minying, committed suicide. Guo Minying, who was born in 1964, was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music in 1944 in order to study the tape recorder that was extremely rare. This has begun to pay close attention to the class struggle "," opposing and preventing revisionism "a classmate wrote a letter to Mao Zedong, said it was denounced the" noble spirit "," bourgeois ideology gave me very deep influence to the teachers and students in the school "," some people obsessed with western music, folk music with contempt. The mood of the music revolution, nationality and the masses". This letter was published in the general office of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat in September 16, 1964 published "the masses" on the seventy-ninth. Mao Zedong had thought of literary and art circles the serious problem in December 1963 has been severely criticized: "all kinds of art, drama, opera, music, art, dance, film, poetry and literature and so on, many problems, a lot of people, the socialist transformation in many sectors, to this little. Many departments are still "dead" rule "," many Communists enthusiastic about promoting feudalism and capitalism art, but not enthusiastic about promoting socialist art, not monstrous absurdity". The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Literature Research Series: since the founding of the people’s Republic of China Mao Zedong manuscript, tenth volumes, the Central Literature Publishing House) he made a letter to this letter, endorsed the views of the writer. (since the founding of the Mao Zedong manuscript, eleventh) to the matter to Guo Minying, but also to the tremendous pressure caused by the spirit of the future, the study has not been smooth, and then from the music institute in, second. Guo Moruo will be sent to the people’s Liberation Army, he hoped that in this "Mao Zedong thought University School", "revolutionary melting pot" in the transformation, exercise. But after the start of the "Cultural Revolution", which is similar to the arrogant personality, Guo Moruo said the character of Kong Rong "perverse" Guo Minying more not the "atmosphere of the times, finally killed Dutch act. In second years, that is, in 1968, Guo Moruo’s eighth child, Guo Shiying, was also killed. Born in 1942, Guo Shiying was admitted to the Department of philosophy, Peking University in 1962. Learn to think deeply.相关的主题文章:

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