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In August 2016 the Defense Department press conference text — military — original title: in August 2016 the Defense Department press conference text record August 2016 Defense Department press conference time: Location: Department of Defense issued by the office of international military cooperation: Ministry of national defense information bureau deputy director, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian, deputy director of the Bureau of the Ministry of defense, defense news department spokesman Colonel Wu Qian, a reporter asked. Li Aiming photo Wu Qian: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Welcome to the regular press conference this month. From the beginning of last month, the Ministry of defense routine press conference invitation to expand the scope of the media, I saw a lot of new friends, here to welcome you. I have a need to take the initiative to publish information today: agreed with Australia, the United States Department of defense, the three party in Australia from August 24th to September 11th in Australia Darwin held his studies -2016 army skills including joint training, field survival and other subjects. In addition, in the Australian army will hold the "panda kangaroo -2016" joint training in Sydney Australia from September 14th to 23, the main subjects include canoeing, boat downhill training etc.. The two training aims to enhance mutual understanding, deepen pragmatic cooperation to enhance the ability of military forces, and carry out the task of training level. Welcome to the following questions. Reporter: last month, the press conference revealed that in September the Sino Russian military exercises will be held in the waters of the South China Sea, I would like to ask whether there is any further news release? The two sides participating troops identified? In addition, the media reported that the exercise will have a joint landing related aspects of the exercise. Please confirm. Wu Qian: August 16th to 21, China and Russia held a joint maritime -2016 Lianyan in the third round of negotiations in Zhanjiang, the specific arrangements for the implementation of planning exercises, communications security, logistics and other in-depth communication, and reached broad consensus. The two sides also investigated the exercise related venues and facilities. The joint action is the joint maritime defense action". Further developments in the joint, we will release information in a timely manner. Reporter: Recently, the domestic and foreign media coverage of the construction of China its first aircraft carrier, the Internet has also spread the carrier "high value Yan" photos, showing the hull assembly has nearly completed, the construction work is nearing completion. I would like to ask whether the above is true? How long is the aircraft carrier off? Is there a timetable? Wu Qian: I can tell you is authorized, the first domestic aircraft carrier building progress smoothly, is advancing according to plan. On the high value you mentioned, I think that is only half right, we made this aircraft carrier, both the external value of the yen, more intrinsic temperament". Reporter: Recently, the "Liberation Army Daily published a commentary on the India government recently decided in the border region" Brad Moss "missile deployment has been criticized, but also referred to the Chinese side may take some measures. Do you have any comment on this? Wu Qian: to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas of China and India is an important consensus reached by China and india. Us)相关的主题文章:

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