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August CPI announced today, an increase or a record low of the year – Finance – People’s network Beijing, China,, 9 (reporter Li Jinlei) National Bureau of Statistics today announced the consumer price index (CPI) in August ( ). Many institutions predict that in August CPI will continue to fall, is expected to hit a new low in the year. Experts believe that the future price is still expected to remain stable, but the need to guard against some tight supply and demand of food prices rose rapidly. CPI trend chart. From the National Bureau of statistics August CPI or a record low in the National Bureau of statistics data show that in July CPI rose 1.8%, or lower than in June dropped by 0.1 percentage points. For the upcoming August CPI, the market is expected to rise will continue to decline slightly. According to the Ministry of agriculture monitoring, thirty-fourth weeks in 2016 (-28 August 22, 2016), vegetable prices continue to rise. Focus on monitoring the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables per kilogram of $3.80, up 4.1% mom, rose for the second consecutive week, down by 2.3% compared to the same period in. Pork 25.15 yuan per kilogram, the chain was essentially flat, up high of $2.2%. Traffic bank chief economist Lian Ping believes that in August, the price of eggs rose vegetables, pork prices fell significantly, the comprehensive judgment, August CPI rose may be between 1.5% and 1.9%, taking the value of 1.7%, decreased slightly last month. Washington reporter noted that at present the majority of research institutions on August CPI forecast value was lower than 2%. Among them, China Merchants Securities, Ping An Securities and other institutions are also expected in August CPI rose about 1.7%, Everbright Securities and other institutions in the forecast value of around 1.6%. If the above forecast cashed, CPI rose for three consecutive months in the "1 era", and the increase will hit a new low in the year. Data chart. Washington reporter Li Jinlei she needs to pay attention to food prices for the future price trend, Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun told reporters on the new site, the price is expected to be maintained at a relatively stable state, neither the sharp decline, it is difficult to rise sharply. Throughout the year, as long as there is no special circumstances, prices are expected to remain at around 2% level. Lian Ping said, with the summer flood and summer crop production in the past, vegetables gradually restored, logistics transport back to normal, the upward pressure on food and consumer goods prices weakened, the price of pork rose will usher in a downward phase, is expected to gradually decline, the future CPI operation basically stable, there is no obvious inflation or deflation pressure. "However, the CPI tail factor in October and in November has risen, may play a certain role in lifting prices." Lian Ping remind, promote the tight supply and demand of food prices may still be speculation speculation in the market, the rapid rise, should pay attention to. Washington reporter noted that since September, by the summer vegetables in advance delisting effect, recent tight supply of vegetables, some common vegetables also appear stubble phenomenon, price)相关的主题文章:

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