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Automatic driving really came: we sat on the Ford unmanned car took a lap – Sohu technology has a surprise, but also a little scared…… Google and Uber are all in on autopilot technology, as one of the most veteran car manufacturers, Ford did not fall, has quietly developed a useful 30 vehicle automatic driving car fleet; at the same time, because of the car accident Tesla automatic driving frequency, a self driving car is safe without controversy stop. In the end autopilot technology has matured to what extent? And let the machine – not the human – drive, is how a kind of experience? We went to the headquarters of Ford, sat on their driverless car, in the headquarters park in a circle. About 10 miles west of Detroit, Ford’s headquarters is in Dearborn. From which one looks very ordinary in the park, you can see a white Ford Fusion (Mondeo) parked on the road. There are four cylindrical objects on the roof, suggesting that it is not an ordinary car. "No car!" The people around me were shouting excitedly. At this time, a few similarly modified white Fusion, passing us. They have funny four horns on their heads, which are expensive radar and laser radar, infrared sensors, cameras, and computers are hidden in the body is not easy to find. Ford’s automated car is tested here. Although the park, but it is not closed, manual cleaning the road, but in the real world: it is a corner of a speed limit of 25 miles (40 kilometers) per hour, with the intersection, the traffic light, slope, Stop Sign (stop sign), pedestrians, cars, like and an ordinary suburb. Behind the steering wheel is not the driver, but the "passenger" I sat in a car, there are already two passengers – one of them sitting in the driver’s seat. In the automatic driving the car, the driver seat is "safe", he will not touch the steering wheel, is not to touch the accelerator and brake, only in charge in an emergency; and the passenger seat, with a computer engineer, he monitoring system operation, data collection, and told this brightly coloured changing screen it, what is the transmission of information. Take a closer look at the contents of the test engineer’s screen. On the left is the car’s autopilot system. "Set out." Smooth start of the car. Security officer specifically raised his hands, indicating that our car is not controlled by him. Although the course of the experience is fixed (pictured below), the engineer on the car still stressed to me that the route is still decided by the car itself." We just set the starting point and the end point, and set an intermediate point. The car will open itself." The car went straight, and soon came a left turn along the road, and then went straight on. The weather in Dearborn is very good, the sun is bright, although I have already experienced several times to drive a car, know a perfect driving car note相关的主题文章:

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