Autumn dew shoulder on the out! The secret is to open a thin

Autumn dew shoulder on the out! The secret is to open a thin slits in autumn, with fleshy body of the mushroom cool for dressing has become a troublesome thing, but a summer dew shoulder, autumn is also exposed? Let your shoulders relax, then the rook is out! Autumn clothes has increased, but the visual feel is like a circle fat, really very upset, so the autumn sexy attitude don’t want dew, thin is the key, in fact today editorial recommendation several fashion items, can let you easily thin, yet sexy charm, the mushroom cool it and small series with a look, these slim and Sexy Secret simply a fork on it! Part1: split skirt fashion split skirt can highlight the lower body good lines, Autumn Twilight leg line not only significantly more elegant display legs slender, a fork in the super fine dress, editorial recommendation several fashion split skirt to mushroom cool. Want to love sexy does not hesitate! When the Korean winter 2016 code thin body cowboy long denim skirt Korean cowboy split bag hip skirt waist bag hip skirt female retro waist, high-quality selection of denim fabric super crisp texture, high waist design slimming effect is super good, one button design of super fine design, after the split ends the skirt is very good elongated leg line thin legs more slender. Autumn skirt before the split step occupation in the long skirt package hip tooling slim waist skirt knee skirt waist skirt OL fashion before the split, select high-quality suit fabric super silky three-dimensional model, fashion design high waist slim effect is more good, more hip Hip with HSBC effective design, lengthen the leg line sexy slit, a shading lace design super sexy beautiful more good. In the autumn of 2016 new skirt skirt female step skirt skirt slit skirt fashion slim package hip skirt slit fashion slim package hip skirt design, fashionable waist slim effect more good, beautifully designed lines are more three-dimensional stylish, sexy side slit design Jinxian leg slim design package hip is good modification of the hip line, more fashion all-match. A skirt in the long winter when the waist slim package hip skirt 2016 step OL high waisted skirt occupation Korean Commuter Bag hip skirt sexy slit suit fabric, selection of high quality super smooth flowing more fashionable design, high waist good modification of the waist line design, open fork slimming effect is more good, let you walk in between the elongated leg line, more delicate and sexy. [] when knitting skirt special offer every day during the spring and autumn side slits irregular down arm elastic skirt slit bag tide irregular package hip skirt, high waist design personality good modification of the waist line, version type package hip slim effect is super good, sexy skirt design more vent show the legs more slender, cut irregular display three-dimensional fashion. Part2: when used to wear the pants slit skirt or dress, occasionally in the pants.相关的主题文章:

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