AXA fund was established four years turmoil coming General Manager home half the size has shrunk 46% txplatform

AXA fund was established four years turmoil coming: general manager of home half a year has shrunk the size of 46% Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In August 17, 2012 the establishment of the fund of Great Britain just after the four birthday, however, four years of market public offering qualifications are not able to let fund of Great Britain on track, but personnel in deep dilemma. In September 5th, British Fund issued executive change announcement that took only two years of general manager Yang Feng for personal reasons, which virtually gave AXA fund management bring new concussion. The day before the release of British fund executives change announcement, announced that the general manager Yang Feng for personal reasons, leaving in September 1, 2016, by the chairman Zhang Chuanliang on behalf of the British by the board of directors has Fund Management Company Limited will be considered by, and according to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Commission report. According to public information, Yang Feng in June 3, 2014 formally to Great Britain fund office. He served as associate professor at the Shandong University School of business administration, Peking University Postdoctoral Station, the Shenzhen stock exchange postdoctoral fellow ABN AMRO Xiangcai (now Manulife TEDA) organization and strategy manager, planning fund management company employees and supervisors, Dacheng Fund Management Company Limited Development Planning Department deputy director, general manager of Fund Management Co. Ltd. assistant, deputy general manager and general manager. In fact, the big fund company management turmoil has existed. AXA fund was established less than a year on the occasion, when he was general manager Liu Guangcan for personal reasons from occupation planning. In September 2013, British fund chairman Chen Shutang also because of the need to leave. In November 28, 2015, Great Britain fund former inspector general Zhang Ning left for personal reasons, by the then deputy general manager Zhao Zhao, until March 16th this year, will usher in a new British fund inspector Nagane Hirohiro. In addition to management instability, AXA fund investment research team also did not avoid the loss of talent. Beijing Daily reporter noted that in July 28th this year, the SFC issued fund managers change announcement, management leading British return mixed type fund fund manager Zhou Mulin for personal reasons, after leaving in British company as any position. Data show that the big fund company’s investment research team of small number of current British fund companies only Yuan Zhongwei, Liu Jie, Zhang Wei and Zhang Linna four fund managers. Investment research staff also made great britain fund products Co., less number of data show that the current fund of Great Britain’s only 5 products, respectively is the leading British return mixed fund, AXA optimization strategy hybrid funds, bond funds, the net debt year British flexible allocation fund and British cash treasure monetary fund. Beijing Daily reporter found that the British fund in this year is not the issue of new products. It is worth mentioning that the management turmoil, investment research staff turnover and the scarcity of products, but also affect the fund of Great Britain in recent years the scale of growth, the data show that the first half of this year the fund size of 2 billion 727 million yuan, ranking ninety-third in the 108 fund managers, fund of Great Britain on the end of 2015相关的主题文章:

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