Baby head bleeding mother took the door to help the bus driver directly to the hospital at night – p-kaya scodelario

The baby’s head bleeding help mum took the bus driver at night straight to the hospital – public news channel in September 28th, "I’m really very grateful to the good master, then the child’s head was bleeding, I won’t care what, he just want to take him to the hospital." The evening of September 25th, driving 286 road driver in Zhongshan, met a mother holding a child on the way to the door for help, seeing the head of the child blood DC, the driver in the consent of the consent of the passengers to the car directly to the children’s Hospital of the hospital after the consent of the consent of the consent of the consent of the consent of the passengers to the hospital for children’s Hospital, the children’s Hospital, the hospital will be the first to meet the children. 19:50 that evening, Guangzhou District 286 line male master drive from Huangqi City Rong Guang Wei Road station to station, when the vehicle passing through Zhongshan road and west gate seven traffic lights lights, suddenly, the door at the front of the vehicle to the sound came, the district master looked, I saw a pair of parents anxiously beat the bus door for help, the mother hugged a head bleeding child two or three years old, he immediately opened the door. The mother asked: "your car through the children’s hospital? My child just fell down and broke his crown, we hit the car". Taking into account the line does not go through the children’s Hospital, the district master did not agree with his mother the first time. But save the matter, the District teacher saw the head of the child’s blood DC, his heart is very nervous. So, he quickly called in the car, hoping to get the consent of the passengers on board. When the passengers agreed to let them on the bus driver, decisive, and open the "SOS" emergency help key and double flash, will become a temporary bus 120 ambulance to nearby children’s Hospital, detour. A few minutes later, the child successfully arrived at the children’s Hospital for treatment. The district master helpful actions get the car passengers and parents praise children. Source: Guangzhou daily相关的主题文章:

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