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Barcelona fans die! Provocative UEFA Nokamp stand or off Marca: Nokamp stands may therefore be closed sina sports in the Champions League in the first round, Barcelona 7-0 victory over the Celtics, for the new season’s Champions League campaign has made a good start, this is a thing that Barcelona fans feel happy thing, but "Marca" but broke a let Barcelona fans unhappy thing: because Nokamp has a lot of fans show the independence of Catalonia banner in the game, Barcelona or by UEFA, but this punishment will likely is the closure of some of Nokamp’s stand in the future in europe. Fans show political banner, Barcelona before many times because of this problem by UEFA, but in the game today, there are still some fans of the Catalonia independence flag into the ground, and display in the stands. Barcelona have in the past because the problem had three penalties, last year’s Champions League final, so Barcelona fined by UEFA Euro 30 thousand, last season against "Eriksson, Barcelona fined 40 thousand euros for this problem, last season against Borisov, and show the fans of Catalan independence flag in the stands, UEFA to fines up to 150 thousand euros. "Marca" said Barcelona with some fans on this issue incorrigible, the punishment of UEFA has also been strengthened, and the Barcelona face will no longer be punished or fined, but will be part of Nokamp’s stand off. Since the display of the flag in the stands involved in political issues, UEFA will never be tolerated on this issue, but will be in strict accordance with the rules of the European Union to make the appropriate punishment. Barcelona for Catalan independence flag carrying prohibited fans can do is not much. UEFA have no way to completely prevent the appearance of these flags and signs in the game, but they have the right to punish the club on this issue. At present, the relevant departments of UEFA have been notified of the Barcelona club, fans out of the question, the corresponding responsibility can only be borne by the club. (Marco)相关的主题文章:

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