Because of travel agency information 12 tourists were forged travel channel — Germany refused 9c8950

Because of travel agency information by the German tourists 12 forged travel channel refused – the original title: Xicheng District

travel agency said counterfeit ticket information, resulting in Europe tour visa is a collective refusal, Ms. Wu, 12 people will China Taihe Travel Agency Limited company to court claims more than 44 yuan. Court of first instance judgment travel agency compensation of 5 yuan, Ms. Wu, who refused to appeal. Recently, the appeal in the second session of the city court hearing. Ms. Wu, 12 people in June 25, 2014 and Taihe travel agency signed a contract, agreed by the other agent 12 euro Schengen tourist visa and travel to Germany, Italy to access services, and pay 12 yuan. Ms. Wu, who submitted to the travel agency tickets and hotel pre orders, part of the ticket booking by the travel agency. In July 11th, the travel agency told Ms. Wu et al., the whole tourist visa by the German Embassy collective refusal. Therefore, originally scheduled for departure in August 4th European tour can not be scheduled on time. Ms. Wu said, she told the German Embassy email, the reason is "the Travel Agency refused forged flight booking information". Because of that the travel agency forged ticket information fraud, resulting in the tourist itinerary was delayed, Wu et al will travel to the East Court, seeking compensation for the economic losses totaling more than 44 yuan. During the trial, Ms. Wu to the court submitted a reply to the embassy and other evidence. Dongcheng court held that the travel agency fails to provide flight information to the visa agency visa refusal et al. True, the plaintiff failed to cause et al at a predetermined time travel, and cause economic losses, should bear the liability for breach of contract. Court of First Instance sentenced travel agencies to compensate the plaintiff 5 yuan. After the first instance verdict, Ms. Wu, who refused to appeal to the second city hospital. Wu believes that the travel agency’s behavior has constituted fraud, should be 3 times the compensation in accordance with the law. Recently, the appeal in the second session of the city court hearing. The case is not in court for sentencing. (reporter Zheng Yujia) (commissioning editor: the moon, Zhang Xi)相关的主题文章:

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