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Beijing, a construction site collapsed two people in charge of the collapse: the wind led to yesterday, the Beijing Metro JiuLongShan Railway Station, Guangzhou road, E exit above the construction of a guardrail in the building collapsed, resulting in minor injuries to the accident, 2 people. Yesterday, workers at the scene to discuss the accident. Beijing News (reporter Lu Tong) yesterday morning at 9 am, Beijing Metro JiuLongShan Railway Station outlet above the construction of a scaffolding collapsed in the construction of E. Beijing Chaoyang District city government official micro-blog announced that afternoon, the accident caused the vehicle smashed part, 2 people suffered minor injuries. Currently, no personnel trapped, the relevant departments are organizing rescue, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Scaffolding overall off the scene blockade yesterday at 1 pm, the reporter saw at the scene, the whole building is in the green and yellow protective net steel pipe scaffold built into the package, the JiuLongShan Railway Station subway exit E above the horizontal distance of about 50 meters from the top of the whole fence spalling, the scaffold down to the original position at the top of the subway. At the bottom of the tube, is boosting the subway channel position of the road is littered with yellow steel. Many workers at the scene of the accident, told reporters that the subway E exports in the construction process, has not yet opened. The scene of the accident near Guangqulu and West Road intersection, on the side of Guangqulu, cordoned off the scene of the accident, there are guard workers wearing helmets within the cordon. Reporters learned from the fire in Beijing, Jiulong Mountain in the construction site between the three or four layers of scaffolding collapsed, the construction of a total of four layers. No one was trapped at the scene, the fire squadron left the scene of a fire truck guards. Chaoyang fire Hongmiao fire squadron deputy commander told reporters at the scene, they were ordered to stay, if a person trapped by their disposal. Reporters at the scene found that the project for the construction industry in South Central Jiangsu Refco Group Ltd 1 times the construction of the king of the integrated building engineering. Before and after the incident site multiple exports have been closed, the site has been unable to see the construction site. Tube drop caused two people were injured in a more than and 50 year old male construction workers, at 9 in the morning they are inside the building construction, suddenly heard "squelch" sound, the workers rushed to the mother found is a fence collapsed. Workers from the description, sound judgment, guardrail should be a cause of whole spalling occurs after the collapse. The workers also said that falling pipe will be a middle-aged woman injured, but he did not know the specific injury. A sanitation worker nearby said, when she was cleaning the streets around the building, the first time passing by the building is not an accident, to be back again when passing the fence has collapsed, scattered the pipe will be passing five or six cars smashed. Chen Jianfeng, head of the site, said the accident caused a pedestrian injury, no casualties. Drop the pipe will be a middle-aged woman right arm was injured, after the incident, they call the 120 women will be sent to the emergency center for treatment of chaoyang. However, according to the Beijing municipal government of Chaoyang District micro-blog official afternoon news release said the accident caused the vehicle smashed part, 2 people suffered minor injuries. In the afternoon, reporters rushed to the Chuiyangliu hospital emergency center visits, emergency surgery, a doctor told reporters, the morning is receiving a sent from the site of the wounded men, men’s hands)相关的主题文章:

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