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Beijing heating: heating in advance is not about the money or caused by the shortage of natural gas – Beijing Beijing heating group official yesterday at eBeijing, the winter heating conditions. For the concern of the early heating problem, the relevant responsible person said: early heating is not a matter of money, but related to the supply of natural gas and reserves. It is reported that this winter if extreme weather, the city also may take natural gas limited protection for emergency measures, to ensure that the residents of the heating temperature standards, the Beijing heat group has to make relevant preparations. Due to the shortage of natural gas heating in advance or concern for the "heating in advance", the relevant responsible person said, there is no problem in advance of heating for heating enterprises, because the personnel, technology and equipment are all in place, the government ordered to start. "However, the heat supply is combined with electricity. Now the power plant is burning natural gas, related to natural gas reserves and transport capacity. If the heating is used in advance, the reserves of natural gas will be exhausted, and there will be a shortage when it is really cold. So heating is not a matter of money in advance, the most important issue related to the supply of natural gas and reserves, is a national level strategic issues". Beijing heating up to November 13th this year, from the perspective of energy reserves, if the extreme cold, there will be insufficient heating? The official said that when the weather is cold, the amount of instantaneous increase, so the instantaneous transfer capacity is not enough, heating is restricted. If there is extreme weather, natural gas may be restricted to gas and gas supply, two times last year, such a situation. In order to ensure that the residents heating temperature standards, gas and gas supply is mainly restricted public construction, to minimize the impact of the people. This year has done a good job in the preparation of gas and gas reserves, the program will be more refined." 4000 maintenance personnel for the repair of Beijing heating group in charge of Beijing City area of 250 million square meters of heating, heating area accounts for about 30% of Beijing City, this year the heating area increased by 30 million square meters compared with the previous year. Due to the early heating of the year may be expected to be cold winter, heating and other aspects of heating in advance of the group prepared. 5, the ignition trial operation, if the residents of the home heating is not hot or leaking, it can promptly call the regional heating maintenance call and 96069 of the 24 – hour heating service hotline. Maintenance personnel in the palm of the heat on the APP single and send single, saving the middle of the process and time. At present, 4000 maintenance personnel located in various companies and community residents received the repair, will be timely to the user home. The heating company will also increase households inspection efforts to understand and record the radiator’s.. In the data on the basis of the preliminary judgment, some of the nearby residential areas may be included in the focus area or the next year’s low temperature zone. Key areas will be resolved through small and medium-sized problems. Through the verification of a heating season, if there are problems, the next year may be a major transformation. On a heating season has 48 low temperature zone, about 59 thousand residents, this year all the transformation. Malicious arrears into the credit blacklist in addition to malicious user arrears, the heating sector Jian Lu相关的主题文章:

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