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Beijing is scheduled for September 17th air raid alert – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yu Lixiao) in September 12, in order to enhance the concept of national defense and air defense to enhance public awareness of disaster prevention, air defense warning sound recognition ability, approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s government, is scheduled for September 17, 2016 will be air defense alert in part area of Beijing city trial. Beijing municipal government issued a circular 12, said the city of Beijing will be held on Saturday, September and third national defense education day, outside the ring road outside the air defense alarm test. The specific time is 17 days 15 to 15:23, in accordance with the "early warning" and "alert" and "clear" order, each alarm at the time of 3 minutes, 7 minutes apart, a total of 23 minutes. According to the notice requirements, Beijing civil defense Bureau reminded the public that the air raid siren period, the public should pay attention to discrimination of air defense warning signals, in addition to taking part in the exercise related personnel, the public and other temporary Laijingrenyuan please keep working and living in the normal order after hearing the alarm. Notice to remind the public, the sirens, the production of enterprises, construction site staff, can continue to adhere to the production, construction, implementation of safety measures; automobile drivers can continue to focus on driving safety; in public hospitals, shops, theaters, station, street square, park, hotel and other personnel, do not panic don’t run, crowded; continue to maintain the normal order of life of the residents at the home, parents should take good care of the children, to avoid the frightened; at the same time to be vigilant to prevent criminals to disturb public order. The air defense alarm trial is the fourth time in recent years, Beijing held a large-scale air defense alarm test. The first time is at 14:28 on May 19, 2008, in tribute to the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims in the city sounded air defense alarm siren; the second is the Beijing Municipal People’s air defense exercises in 2014, in Mentougou, Fangshan District, Yanqing County, three counties were siren; third times in September 19, 2015 10 the City District of siren. (end)相关的主题文章:

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