Beijing Normal University campus sexual harassment report said the teacher harassed the school inves norton disk doctor

Beijing Normal University campus sexual harassment of students reported that teachers school survey original title: Beijing Normal University Campus in response to sexual harassment report: a teacher student harassment Beijing news news events before the summer investigation has been started (reporter Sha Lu) this afternoon, Beijing Normal University news release notes for students of Beijing Normal University released "sleeping on the –2016 campus of Beijing Normal University survey sexual harassment documentary report", News Center said that the report reflected in the school, is further verification; mentioned in the report of a teacher student harassment incident, the school has started to survey before the summer, once verified, seriously dealt with, will not be tolerated. Recently, Beijing Normal University Department of Chinese Junior Kang Chenwei himself on campus sexual harassment is carried out, and issued a "sleeping on the campus of Beijing Normal University in 2016 — sexual harassment survey report". Through the analysis of the public information, he summed up the 60 cases of sexual harassment occurred in the campus of Beijing Normal University from 2007 to 2016, and summed up the time frequency chart and month statistics. On this basis, Kang also found frequent sexual harassment on campus, as well as the security work of the blind area, hoping to provide a reference for campus security report. The report reflects the relevant circumstances, the school is further verification." According to the Beijing News Center, the first half of this year, as against the rogue harassment of girls, the school launched a special action to effectively purify the campus environment. This summer, the school has been updated in the possible harassment lots to upgrade the one button alarm pile, and according to the security demand is gradually increasing alarm pile, teachers help push through the campus safety management command center. Next, the school will continue to strengthen security work to ensure that the majority of teachers and students to create a safer campus environment. For some students in the report referred to the harassment of students, the Beijing Normal University News Center, said the school has launched an investigation before the summer vacation. Once verified, the school will be based on the relevant provisions dealt with, will not be tolerated. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

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