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Beijing residence permit system implemented tomorrow people get together to do a temporary residence permit original title: do not leave the police station residence eleven Legal Evening News (reporter Downing)   according to the "Beijing implementation of the" Provisional Regulations "residence permit", the city since October 1, 2016 the formal implementation of the residence permit system. "Legal Evening News" (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporters learned from the Beijing police, since October 1st, the city public security organs 346 household registration police station will formally accept Laijingrenyuan to apply for a residence permit in Beijing city; in October 8th, by the public security organs entrusted by the 346 floating population and rental housing service station for Laijingrenyuan for temporary registration, and issued the registration card of residence in Beijing City, it will serve as the Laijingrenyuan declared temporary registration certificate. For the convenience of Laijingrenyuan registration, apply for temporary residence permit in Beijing City, the city public security organs in conjunction with the Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Education Commission and the municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau and other relevant government departments to develop a "Beijing temporary residence registration and residence rules (Trial)". The public can log on to the window of the capital or directly log on the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau website police open government information disclosure directory to view the relevant content. October 1st, the city’s household registration police station will stop temporary residence permit business. Laijingrenyuan hold a temporary residence permit is valid and has been full of 6 months, if they meet in Beijing, there is a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, one of the conditions of continuous studying, shall submit relevant documents to the residence of the police station residence proof for Beijing residence permit; do not meet the conditions for application of residence in Beijing City, the tube should be station to submit the relevant documents to prove that the temporary residence registration to the residence, receive a registration card of residence in Beijing city. Minors under the age of 16, senior citizens and people with disabilities, can by the guardian, close relatives of the relevant documents and written proof of attorney (minors under the age of 16, can not provide written instructions), to the local flow tube station or residence or apply for temporary registration to the police station in Beijing city residence permit. Laijingrenyuan to declare temporary registration, apply for a residence permit in Beijing city and for the change, endorsements and other procedures, be responsible for the authenticity and legality should submit the documents to prove that the. For the first time to receive the residence registration card, apply for a residence permit, waive the fee for documents; registration card, card endorsements, Beijing residential change procedures without charge of residence in Beijing City, Beijing city; replacement for residence permit, it shall pay the fee for documents. The specific charging method shall be formulated by the municipal finance department and the competent pricing department. The police suggested that prepare relevant documents to prove to the police station or residence registration flow tube station to handle the relevant business, has to apply for temporary residence permits and the validity of the documents of the Laijingrenyuan, in a temporary residence permit before the expiration, reasonable arrangements to apply for household registration police station or flow tube station Beijing residence permit or temporary residence registration time, avoid wait for personnel, long time queuing.   site; the police station door get together to do a temporary residence permit early today, less than 9 of official work time, Tongzhou District Liyuan police station door has gathered hundreds to get together to do Peng相关的主题文章:

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