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Beijing tomorrow officially heating room temperature is not reached these calls – the Sohu news Legal Evening News (reporter Geng Xueqing) this year, Beijing two days ahead of tomorrow officially heating, heating after nearly a week of tomorrow, the residents of the home must be zero at room temperature reaches 18 degrees celsius. (Legal Evening News WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) if not up to standard, residents can call the hotline complaints, heating enterprises must reply within 1 hours, and within 6 hours of home temperature, regulation and maintenance. 5 this month, Beijing City, more than 1300 heating units after ignition trial operation, although the heating unit boiler ignition specific time due to the network size and other factors are not the same, but by November 13th zero heating users in room temperature must reach the standard temperature of 18 DEG C. Previously, the Beijing Municipal Management Committee has been to the district heating Department, the heating units issued in advance of the heating instructions, requiring all units to do a good job in advance the protection of heating. The heating units must strengthen equipment inspection, timely solve the leaking during the test run, to eliminate safety hazards, do system debugging, security standard heating and will be at 0:00 on November 13th; repair service telephone to inform the user, strengthen on-site service, timely processing of all kinds of problems reflect the users, improve the service quality. Residents found the problem, Water Leakage heating is not in the heating period, heating units can call the telephone service, some views on the heating unit processing results, can call the hotline 12345, where the district heating management departments or the Thermotics Inc complaints, reflect the problems. According to relevant regulations, heating enterprises need to return within 1 hours of complaints, and within 6 hours into the home temperature, regulation and maintenance; within 24 hours to make the residents of the home temperature standards. 24 hours if not repaired, during the period from the date of repair to room temperature standard heating costs, the proportion of deposits. Tomorrow, the Beijing thermal power group staff will be randomly measured inside the room temperature, especially in the old district and a heating season in the low temperature area. During the heating season, Beijing heating group will continue to "meet 5 temperature", namely in the heating season per month 5 days, 15 days, 25 days, to the residents of the home chouce indoor temperature in extreme cold weather and major holidays will also increase the number of household heating temperature, timely understanding of the user’s home. Security standard heating. Beijing heating management departments and heating heating service hotline telephone service (non emergency service hotline telephone service (12345) Dongcheng District heating heating management department) warm management 66561002 Beijing nobufusa for 96069 Xicheng District heating management department 83976598 Xicheng District housing land management center building equipment company (Xi Cheng) (Bai Tian) 63543808 night (63524206 Chaoyang District heating management department and holidays) 67301616 Chaoyang District Housing Authority Center 65828977 Haidian District heating heating service call (heating management) 96069 Beijing Haidian District city heating and building equipment management相关的主题文章:

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