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Beijing – VIDEO – Wuhan businessmen purchase decommissioned aircraft built according to the standard selection of flight attendants restaurant waiter [comment] is located in Wuhan, Optics Valley in August 26th to complete the overall decoration of restaurant aircraft. Unlike in the past, the theme of the restaurant, this is known as Lili airlines international routes gourmet restaurant converted from a retired Boeing 737 aircraft, but also China’s first aircraft restaurant. [comment] lounge, lounge, room…… Whether the surrounding facilities or body decoration, which was parked in downtown Wuhan restaurant to restore the true environment of airport aircraft. The restaurant is located in the cockpit of the aircraft, the cockpit is transformed into a flight simulator, where customers can experience the pilot driving process. [interpretation] restaurant operator Li Lang told reporters that the aircraft was purchased in Indonesia, retired airlines, Badawi, only the transport link takes nearly 4 months, a total investment of about $35 million. [] earlier Lee Lang long flight or travel, you’re at the airport to eat the first meal, it is very poor, second dining time Jincu it, another effect will be also a flow, you sit in economy class seat, most of them are economyclass well, the economy class seat is very cramped, let you eat the whole process is a very unpleasant, a process, so we want to use this to get all this (good) things to come, so this can be assured, this is our character, let you in a real plane, in this very relaxed environment, in a very high standard of service concept, to enjoy a high standard of the delicacy. [interpretation] real aircraft into a restaurant, which no precedent in mainland China, both from the technical point of view or format planning, there is no reference case. Big to the restaurant business philosophy, small to the aircraft tire pressure settings, lee waves can only explore while learning. The main restaurant in the western restaurant, for which lee waves specially hired chefs from abroad, according to the restaurant route theme adjustment menu. It is reported that the aircraft to fit the theme restaurant, the waiter in the recruitment standards for flight attendants to lee wave selection. [] over the lee waves we recruit waiters, have higher requirements, such as girls in height 1 meters above 65, boys are more than 1 meters 75, and all aspects of our temperament and are selected, then we in the air etiquette, we have senior Airlines flight attendants the help of our training. [interpretation] in recent years, in mainland China, animation restaurant, robot restaurant, car restaurant and other theme restaurants endless, but also popular among young people. Insiders pointed out that, in the increasingly fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, the quality of goods and services should be paid more attention to the pursuit of a gimmick to attract the eye is extremely easy to form a flash in the pan, it is difficult to maintain long-term.相关的主题文章:

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