Big wedding soon! Christy Chung marrying Zhang Lunshuo is like a fairy tale come true-ricky lee neely

Big wedding soon! Christy Chung: marry Zhang Lunshuo Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo is like a fairy tale come true Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reported on November 7th, Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo [micro-blog] because of the cooperation of "love" and wipe out the spark of love, two people in Beijing on 8 wedding bride when interviewed by the media said the mood excited, she said: "today. Busy, have a lot to do, I want to shoot the wedding dress, convenient to send photos to the media. Will there be a surprise to her husband at the wedding? I gave him the whole person is the biggest surprise, he is a good romantic, all day to surprise me, make me feel good every day." Since about two people get married, has not been optimistic about the outside world, encountered a lot of Christy Chung admitted that he initially tattle and prate, also did not think two people will go to this step: "from the first day of cooperation programs to date, step by step up to now, think the whole thing is like a fairy tale come true, I enjoy this. Love life, good expectations for the future." Asked whether the two married people will actively create, Christy Chung said all by God arrangements, although the work of the two is very busy, but will try to take time to make people. As for the honeymoon site, she said: "we will take a cruise trip, we go with friends, we share the joy." (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章:

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