Bo Bo afternoon to see the city September stick will be rewarded in October reshacker

Hot Blog afternoon to see the city: September will return to Sina App in October: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Finance News September 29th news, Thursday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities both opened after the opening by the coal prices rising for 14 weeks and OPEC reached agreement to cut output effect coal oil plate, and the strength of both, the stock index is also up slightly touched 3000 points, then the brokerage stocks rise behind the broader market, stock index successfully stand on the 3000 point. As of midday, the stock index at 3004.65 points, or 0.56%, Shenzhen component index reported 10537.79 points, or 0.67%, entrepreneurship blackboard 2152.27 points, or 0.59%. The Shanghai stock market trading volume, turnover of 65 billion 930 million yuan, Shenzhen two, half day turnover of 105 billion 400 million yuan, a total turnover of 171 billion 330 million yuan. Disk, coal, petroleum, brokerage sector led the two cities, iron and steel, airport transport, energy Internet plate decreases. On the afternoon of the four famous Bo Keynes: September to the trend will be rewarded on the charts in October, two in the morning after the rally, the downward trend has slowed, but the stock index gap is still 3028, if you want to completely reverse the trend, we must first resorted to force, to make up 3028 of the gap, this is a an important symbol, while the gem overall is still in a rising cycle, although the last few days of the adjustment lead to rising trend slowed down, but still in the rising process. Last week, the market volatility is not large, this week has been changed, but really did not have much space to operate, there is no need to sell National Day and carefully selected stocks, since the investment is to grow up together with the enterprise, so natural factors will not be considered for the festival sold. September stick, will be rewarded in October. A: the future of shrinkage in 3000 near the shock is the probability of first market turnover than yesterday has greatly improved, in the remaining two days of the case, the future shrinkage shock in the vicinity of 3000 is a high probability. The upcoming 10, November, there are big events trigger market expectations. On the disk, in early trading is more active plate futures rose coal sector, but are showing signs of falling down. The short term, whether rushed 3000 points is the key to hold five days, today is expected to higher volatility index probability. Today’s stock index refers to the location of the support near 2979 points, to see if it can stand firm again at 3000 points. The strategy, because the volume is not enlarged, should be defined as counter, investors still need to control certain positions. Wealth: Ge money effect is still not significant   do not chase high early stock index in the weight plate, once rising, so many investors excited, but I personally for early this afternoon a strong move, can continue to maintain a cautious attitude, although the early stock index strong rise, and break through the 5 line, the surface the walk is very strong, but in this process, we also see the volume has not been effectively released on相关的主题文章:

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