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Movies-TV Coming in the month of August, is the latest movie from the stables of the Bourne franchise. True to its words, the promos would actually impress; if you are a fan of the previous Bourne movies. Well, the story is slightly different with different actors. Unlike the last three Bourne movies, this time Matt Damon will not be reprising his role. Before the script was made, Matt had informed the Universal Pictures that he is not interested in continuing his role as Jason Bourne. Seriously, we will be missing him. It is deplorable that things didnt work out with Matt and the heads at the Universal Picture. Matt wanted Paul Greengrass, the director of the Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum to direct the fourth installment, but unlucky Paul said he was not interested in returning back as the director. So, the heads had to go ahead with the project without their prestigious associates Paul and Matt. It has to be one of the boldest moves as people would expect the movie to be in same or you could say better league of the previous three movies. Frankly, the last three installments The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum all were blockbusters and critically acclaimed. It boosted the career of Matt Damon and made him one of the actors in the action criteria. Many of you who have watched the three previous installments would know that the movie success was due to intriguing story and the awesome action scenes. Especially the car chase scene in the streets of Paris in the first installment was seriously charismatic. So are the stunts in the second and third installment. Man! If you havent watched, you could rent out the DVD and check for yourself. The Bourne movie franchise is based on the novels written by Robert Ludhum. All the novels of the Bourne series were critically acclaimed and greatly accepted by readers. Even though the third installment and the fourth one is not based on the novel, but somehow the third movies was enthralling watched by audience and greatly accepted. Now it is up to the fourth installment to keep the intensity of the movie going. Well from the promos which were shown on the CableTV, it was quite intriguing. Everyone knows that rebooting a blockbuster franchise with new actors (especially the lead), director and story can be dangerous. People would expect the main character Jason to continue with his quest about his past and escape from the clutches of the people who made him a killing machine. Sometimes there could be a comparison between the new character of the yet to be released Bourne franchise and the later one. Initially, there were lots of questions about what Bourne Legacy would be, and after watching the promo; your doubts will be still in a fix. The promo even though being interesting, was sibylline. You wont get a clear picture of what the story is going to be, but somehow you could understand that the plot is same as the previous Bourne movies. Maybe the script and the director wanted to start the movie on the same line as the first movie. Anyway, whatever was the idea, the stunts and the scant perceivable story was interesting. The movie (as per the promo) tells the story of Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner who is an operative agent like Bourne. The trailer opens with Dr. Albert Hirsch inducting Aaron into the system and telling him about the various tests that are going to take place. He informs him that it is just a standard procedure and there is no need to worry about it. Once the plot and setup is established, the promo shifts to high paced action sequences; giving us less insight on the movie and how the story is going to develop. From the trailer, Aaron Cross is a suitable replacement for Matt Damon, even though in the stunt and acting department he hasnt been able to match that of Matt. But since it is another story from the franchise and most of the previous cast are not there (besides one or two of them), on the whole the movie does seem interesting. If you are a serious action buff, wait till August, as the movie will be making its worldwide premiere. About the Author: Mark is a freelance writer. He writes articles on various topics such as entertainment, movie reviews, celebrity gossips, etc. Being a sport and movie fanatic, he spends the majority of his time in watching his favorite sports matches and blockbuster movies on Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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