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British media: China’s control of Beihai oil drilling platform into a strategic weapon – Sohu Military Channel and a Chinese enterprise investment in the UK by the British media eyeing. China controls the oil exploitation in Beihai, China, and the deepwater drilling platform in China’s state-owned enterprises has become a strategic weapon". In August 23rd, Britain’s first mainstream newspaper "the times" published on the front page report said, "China has become Beihai’s largest oil field operators, China Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC CNOOC) operates the two largest oil field in Beihai, Nickerson’s (Nexen) company accounted for more than 10% of the total output in the the production area." The report also called for vigilance in China’s overseas energy development. Some experts concluded that this is an example of China’s use of soft power, the goal of the strategy is to consolidate its role as an important member of the global economy. "The times" reported that China National Offshore Oil Corporation is China’s third largest state-owned oil company, operates the largest oil field in Beihai, the two. CNOOC’s 2013 takeover of Canada’s company for $15 billion 100 million, and bear the company about 4 billion 300 million dollars in debt. Today, Nickerson company in Beihai production of nearly 200 thousand barrels of crude oil per day, accounting for the company’s total output of more than 10%, so that the oil production of dominate the Beihai. The control of the company’s China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, by the Chinese central government direct control". The former British finance minister Osborn (George Osborne) of Beihai oil company, the implementation of tax relief tax policy, the oil and gas production rate decreased from 62% to 50%, and that by the Canadian oil giant China control was able to increase the market share in Scotland. According to the times, according to China’s growth in the region of Beihai, which means that the UK last year to 2 billion pounds of tax relief to China’s state-owned enterprises. China National Offshore Oil Corporation last year’s annual report, the British government breaks the "main" reflected in oil production tax, tax levy of 2 billion 500 million pounds in 2014, then in the subsequent year tax rebate of 361 million pounds. "The times" pulls out old said, CNOOC in 2012 the acquisition of Nickerson, actually did not cause concern in britain. The newspaper said that the British government will only make China will continue smoothly in Beihai oilfield development, the United States in 10 years ago because of national security considerations to stop buying U.S. oil company cnooc. (2005 CNOOC acquisition of Unocal failure — the United States observer network note) reported that CNOOC official said deepwater drilling platform deployment will become China Mobile’s territory and strategic weapons". According to the observer network inquiry, this story is in 2012, when the Vietnamese government opposed CNOOC’s decision to tender for a number of new oil exploration blocks. Although CNOOC regularly provides exploration blocks in the waters of the tender, but this time the company is the most representative in the disputed waters of the tender. CNOOC chairman Wang Yilin said at the time, large.相关的主题文章:

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