Brush your teeth immediately after dinner In fact, will hurt the

Brush your teeth immediately after dinner? In fact, will hurt the teeth after eating food, food residue will inevitably be in the mouth. A lot of people in order to avoid their mouth after a meal to have a breath, developed a habit of brushing their teeth immediately after dinner. Doctors advise that brushing teeth immediately after a meal is actually easy to damage the teeth, it is recommended to use water after dinner, tea or mouthwash to gargle clean. During the meal, the body will produce acidic substances in the mouth, calcium ions in the teeth will be free. If you do not return to the teeth when the calcium ions back to the teeth, it is easy to damage the enamel surface of the teeth, the teeth will be damaged. If you want to brush your teeth, it is recommended to do 20 minutes after meals. In fact, after a meal to keep the mouth and teeth clean, there are a lot better than brushing your teeth, the first is to use dental floss. If the teeth stuffed with food residue, carefully pick the available dental floss. When use dental floss, should ensure that each residue on the surface of the adjacent teeth are clean, but should avoid excessive force to prevent damage to the gums. In addition, before going to bed at night, may wish to use dental floss to clean the teeth in the residue and brushing, better cleaning effect. The second is to rinse your mouth. After a meal or rinse with water repeatedly mouthwash slobber. If there are conditions, you can also use tea to gargle, because the tea is alkaline, can be neutralized when eating acidic substances in the mouth, to a certain extent, play a role in the protection of teeth. After tea mouthwash to rinse with water, to prevent tea residue and pigment attached to the teeth, dental appearance effect. Tips: do you want to use mouthwash slobber? In recent years, and gradually became popular slobber. Most wash mainly fresh breath of slobber. Not for oral disease, periodontitis people do not use mouthwash slobber over a long period of time. For patients with oral diseases, if the doctor used slobber gargle has anti-inflammatory effect, should be used after brushing teeth, can be contained in the mouth rinse slobber 1 ~ 2 minutes, then spit. Use mouthwash slobber gargle, don’t immediately rinse with water, otherwise it will reduce the efficacy. Click to join the Guangdong provincial health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, it is bad for you oh相关的主题文章:

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