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"BT paradise" responsible person jingfangxingju illegal profits ninety million Sohu "BT entertainment paradise" website Yuan Moufei (source: DoNews) Sohu entertainment news recently, illegal download BT and magnetic "BT paradise" site responsible for Yuan Moufei was arrested in Suzhou Jiangsu Huaian. It is reported that the "BT paradise" website provides more than ten thousand domestic and foreign films and magnetic seed BT links, are unauthorized, infringement of film and television works copyright, Yuan Moufei suspects illegal profits from ninety million yuan. Provide BT seed drainage ad illegal profits according to the police investigation, since June 2015, "BT paradise" website Yuan Moufei without authorization, will be collected from the Internet more than ten thousand domestic and international film and television works involving BT magnetic seeds and placed in storage link, responsible for their own operation and maintenance "BT paradise", "thunder", "thunder Gang 3 movie download on the website for users to download free player, in order to improve the site traffic and popularity. During the peak period, the site’s daily IP visits reached 600 thousand, the average daily PV browsing reached 3 million. "BT paradise" has become a veritable domestic "BT" the first stop. According to the suspects confessed Yuan Moufei, in site traffic and greatly enhance its popularity, through advertising alliance registered account and bind the domain name and bank card, to advertising the way, in a short period of time within a year profit of ninety million yuan. "Zero tolerance" piracy, copyright protection is a "free download movie" banner, it seems to be "good", but behind these "free" website, in fact, web browser, advertising and tampering with the decoy spread of pornography, violence, gambling information network black production behavior, the normal order the serious influence of network society and the security of personal information of citizens. "BT paradise" provides P2P download mode, the number of Internet users in the acquisition of illegal works of others at the same time, also acted as the spread of "accomplice" role. The station is a huge number of infringing links, infringing variety, infringement subject covers companies in the United States, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and many domestic film rights, bad influence, the harm is very great. According to the law of our country, Yuan Moufei for the purpose of profit, without the permission of the copyright holder through the information network to the public dissemination of other movies, television works, alleged copyright infringement. The second half of 2016, the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, the Ministry of public security departments jointly launched a special action against Internet piracy, highlighting remediation unauthorized illegal dissemination of network television works (including the use of online advertising alliance platform) of piracy, protection of the legitimate rights and interests of people, and maintenance specification for the normal order of the network copyright, and create a good ecological network copyright. Police said that for BT paradise such cases of Internet piracy, will continue to be dealt with, to further purify the domestic network space and network copyright environment.   相关的主题文章:

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