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Build wine Maotai wine aloes go high-end line   for the occupation of the national market to pave the way for the food channel, August 24th afternoon, sponsored by the Guizhou Brewing Industry Association, Kweichow Moutai winery wine (Group) limited liability company and Guizhou Xi Yun Technology Co. Ltd. hosted the world wine wine incense rhyme reservoir appraisal of new products Hyatt on the Bund Hotel held. Identification of board members are respectively composed of Moutai group honorary chairman Mr. Ji Keliang, vice president of Jiangnan University professor Fan Wenlai, Nanjing University of Technology professor Xu Hong of Guizhou University, Dr. Huang Yongguang and wine Maotai wine group agilawood. The picture shows the active site of the general requirements of the national traditional liquor industry development is to improve the quality and quantity control, encourages and supports the application of modern technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries and traditional industries in the integration of the two development and upgrading of traditional industries, promote the quality of the walk the road of sustainable development. With the implementation of the national macro-control policies and the development of the market economy, the adjustment of the liquor industry structure and product structure has been accelerated, and the development trend of the liquor personalized products is obvious. Market research shows that with the change of the continuous improvement of living standards and consumption structure, healthy drinking, drinking consumption concept will be popular, consumer brand awareness will be further enhanced; personalized, functional products demand increase, healthy and high quality liquor products will be the future direction of consumption. Experts predict that the next few years, consumers began to fade to the existing flavor pattern, style characteristics of new products will be gradually formed, product diversification, personalized will better meet the needs of different consumers, product innovation has become one of the main means of enterprise competition. The research shows that the different wine storage equipment and technology will affect the style and quality of liquor. Wooden container for good air permeability, can not only effectively accelerate liquor aging, but also give the wine aroma fragrance ingredient is unique, in order to enhance the taste of products quality. In order to adapt to the market, large and medium-sized enterprises have done a lot of work in the product structure adjustment, technological innovation, product personalization, etc.. Around the emergence of a large number of combination, through traditional techniques and modern technology, improved the traditional process of fusion, the traditional process of liquor body design innovation, imitation of foreign liquor process and production using special materials is the product style, the unique flavor of liquor products. However, in the aspect of product technology innovation, the development and utilization of new resources of storage equipment are seldom involved. China liquor Maotai liquor is one of the three basic types, its "Maotai outstanding, elegant and delicate, plump mellow, long aftertaste, empty cup fragrant lasting unique style, favored by the vast number of consumers. In recent years, Maotai liquor has shown a good momentum of development, has become the liquor industry a new growth point and consumption highlights. Guizhou province is the second largest wine wine enterprises, with an annual output of Maotai liquor production capacity of 10000 tons, with 50 thousand tons of wine storage capacity, its main products are Xijiu provincial and ministerial level, high-quality old products. In order to conform to the trend of consumption and the change of market demand, strengthen the technological innovation ability of products相关的主题文章:

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