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Buy? Why is apple Lightning headphones so expensive? – Sohu to buy digital? Why is apple Lightning headphones so expensive?     iPhone7 3.5mm and remove the headset into Lightning headset port as everyone knows, what has been analyzed through the interface technology, but seems to have not changed what, perhaps because iPhone7 does not supply enough? Users have their own Adapter? In fact, are not, the most important thing is to use the Lightning interface headset can not keep up, I look at the Jingdong mall deliberately enter self Lightning screening options found that the number is very small. Using Lightning interface headset (Jingdong mall)     the author also noticed a phenomenon, the price is very expensive. The first three are big brands, has been sold to the average price of about $1500, to know at this price of $1500 can buy a very good HiFi professional 3.5mm traditional headphones. As you can see, the first two headset shape is very beautiful, but also with a noise reduction function, can also be found in the word "movement", this is the description of these paragraphs are outside the headset, such as exercise, such as business travel.       pay attention to the upper left corner of the goods, proprietary only 17 models, which is not considered Lightning charging line. The use of 3.5mm traditional headphones have reached 2851 products, the gap is obvious. Therefore, the use of Lightning interface headset will be higher prices compared to other headphones. The most fundamental factor is 1, who first who first mover advantage of market opportunities, the so-called. 2, fewer brands, a single species, competition is not fierce. 3, the first batch of high fee. Cause costs to rise.     almost all manufacturers haven’t deployed on the Lightning headset, or some are being developed, this stage is expensive to get Lightning headset, and this is actually the iPhone7 purchase fare is a reason. The price of 3.5mm headphones can not be separated from the market competition     China’s headphone market has been rapid development in recent years, whether it is the initial stage or the intermediate stage. High end market is the United States and Europe headset brands, Chinese independent brands only a low level of competition in the low-end market (probably in 2008), Chinese almost all production in the low-end headset world, occupy at least 60% of the global output of headset headset manufacturers and the local share, but did not bring huge profits. There are also part of the reason is the economic crisis of 2008.             Chinese in fact is the nation’s largest headset production, such as the sea, iron triangle, AKG, KOSS, iPod and apple Beyerdynamic wearing earplugs and low order.相关的主题文章:

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