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Property buyers, industry of central Beijing area market is expected to differ on the "eleven" period, the regulation policy on the release, Beijing and Tianjin city have implemented the credit limit, the purchase of the policy, although a large number of Beijing and Tianjin between counties of Beijing, as the focus of non traditional sense, is not within the scope of this round of regulation. Intensive introduction of the face of the purchase of the policy, the Beijing property market also appeared a certain volatility. In the context of the purchase and upgrading of Beijing, Tianjin, whether it should not buy a house in the area of Beijing, has become one of the most troubled buyers. Beijing property buyers expected differentiation restriction, limited credit policy overweight, let some people lost property qualifications or ability to catch up with the price increase, some buyers demand being squeezed to the surrounding market spillover. For example, Hebei, Hebei, Xianghe, Tianjin, has become the main area to accept spillover demand. This Metro holdings vice president Ouyang Jie once said: "the price first-tier cities skyrocketing and the implementation of the regulation will need to squeeze the hot second tier city and the surrounding three or four line city, city hot wheeled, the phenomenon of rising prices caused by the spread of." However, in the context of the introduction of a wide range of national centralized purchase of the policy background, the demand for the purchase of this kind of demand in the Beijing Tianjin region has begun to appear variables, buyers who are also expected to market differentiation. In fact, since Beijing, Tianjin and other places restriction policies, Beijing surrounding counties, especially North County, Guan and other places of the real estate market have a certain degree of volatility, in the purchase of the pressure, people want to panic quickly approaching, it was beginning to leave to do. "Now Yanjiao’s housing prices have been too low, real estate sales are what have said, I was advised to sell quickly, Yanjiao housing prices will continue to rise, some people let me wait, said Yanjiao prices are likely to drop." Ms. Wu, who lives in Yanjiao recently plagued by such problems, she was worried that once the purchase of Yanjiao policy to follow up, they will not be able to scrape together enough down payment. Not only in Yanjiao, such a situation in the other areas of Beijing, Beijing, the same. Guan, a real estate sales to reporters, said: Beijing Shoufu increased, a large number of people forced to choose only peripheral, our project may also have the possibility of price increases." In contrast, only in the first half of this year to buy a well-known project in Guan, Mr. Zhao began to worry about their own house will fall. "So many places are limited, and who knows when Beijing will be limited? I bought this house not to live, but not to sell out a purchase." In the face of reporters, Mr. Zhao also spoke about their concerns. He said he had begun to contact the local intermediary, intends to move the house. The industry is difficult to reach a consensus on the future of the region, the industry pointed out that after the purchase of Beijing, the regional market has indeed been a number of changes. "The main buyers – Ring Beijing regional market in Beijing and Tianjin over Beijing, which accounted for the bulk of Beijing after this regulation further tightening policies, in Beijing purchase or not because of funding problems the ability to purchase property buyers may consider the Beijing housing demand in the region around Beijing area to overflow." Yanjiao, a real estate developer told reporters that this will make the region around beijing.相关的主题文章:

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