Cai Yingwen ten speech once again claimed that will not yield to pressure shiyang

Cai Yingwen "ten" speech once again claimed that will not yield to pressure the original title: Cai Yingwen speech again claimed that "will not yield to pressure Taiwan district leaders" Cai Yingwen on the morning of 10 speech for cross-strait relations, Cai Yingwen reiterated the 520 speech on both sides of the proposition, but also once again claimed that "will not yield to pressure". Cai Yingwen talked about some of the regional cooperation and cross-strait policy. She said that for cross-strait relations, I would like to reiterate that the establishment of a consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-strait relations, maintaining the status quo of peace in the Taiwan Strait, is the new position of the ruling firm. "Maintaining the status quo is my commitment to voters". Cai Yingwen reiterated 520 speech on both sides of the claim, "every word in the 520 speech has never changed:" the new authorities will be based on the constitutional provisions of the Taiwan area, the relationship between people on both sides and other relevant laws and regulations, handle cross-strait affairs. We have to maintain dialogue and communication mechanism between the two sides effort, we respect the historical facts of the mainland in 1992 NPC and CPPCC talks, also holds that the two sides should cherish and maintain the status quo and results in more than 20 years after 1992, bilateral exchanges and consultations by the accumulation, and in both the political basis, continue to promote the peaceful and stable development cross strait relations. Prior to this, Cai Yingwen has been in an open letter to the DPP Members referred to the pressure of resistance to the mainland". In her speech, she again said, "will not yield to pressure". Cai Yingwen said that although the past few months, some ups and downs in cross-strait relations, but the position is still consistent and firm". "Our commitment will not change, our goodwill will not change, we will not succumb under pressure, will not go back to the old confrontation." She stressed that this is the basic attitude of the Taiwan authorities to maintain the status quo. In his speech, Cai Yingwen also said that the new government responsibility is to make Taiwan reborn. She stressed the need to provide a good social environment for young people. Will promote economic and industrial innovation, create a good entrepreneurial opportunities for young people to improve their wages. Cai Yingwen said, to think, to what kind of Taiwan to young people, let Taiwan out of the stagnant state. In his speech, Cai Yingwen also talked about Taiwan’s international living space". She said, participation in international organizations not the way, but to walk firmly. "Even under pressure, we still have to work hard". Previously, for Cai Yingwen was in the open letter to the DPP party members mentioned in the "anti China pressure" speech, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said in September 30th the inquiry should be the development trend of history, go forward with great strength and vigour is irresistible. National unity is a historical necessity for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and any attempt to "Taiwan independence" can not succeed. In addition, for Cai Yingwen to accept the "Wall Street journal" interview about her views on cross-strait relations, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Anne Fengshan October 6th inquiry should be said that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one Chinese. We maintain the national sovereignty and territorial integrity will adhere to the political basis of unshakable as solid as rocks, reflect a China principle of the "92 consensus", activities against any form of secessionist stand firmly. No force, no one should underestimate相关的主题文章:

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