Callfire Billing Details. You Have Got To Read This Before You Purchase!

Marketing-Direct If you have looked on the net for voice broadcasting or for phone dialer services chances are you have seen call fires web page. Yes, they spend lots of money on marketing and yes they are priced high in contrast to other .panies like PennyDials. Even though callfire offers a few more gizmos, Penny dials will perform equally as good for less funds. If you go to callfires pricing page you will observe they have quite a few plans ranging from 3.5 cents to less than 2 cents per minute. READ THE FINE PRINT! They bill in sixty second increments which means you will be charged an full minute if the call just last 5 secs. Wow! This means every contact will cost you at least one minute no matter if its lower than 60 seconds. Now, if you pay for a higher amount of minutes you are given a lower price.. You are billed in thirty second increments instead of 60 second increments. Still not a great deal! So if your call last’s 5 seconds you are billed for 30 seconds instead of the .plete minute. Sounds better right? Well not until you see what PennyDials offers. PennyDials offers the matching voice broadcasting and auto dial service for a good deal less. Their starter package is 3.5 cents just like CallFire though they charge in six second billing increments! That means if your call only lasts 5 seconds you are only charged 6 seconds. So you can do that 10 times and it would simply cost you 1 minute. Callfire would charge you 10 minutes! You can do a lot more calling with 1 minute then with Callfires minute. Billing is enormously important. If you are shopping around make sure and educate yourself on this. It can littereally double the quantity of consumers you get on the telephone which means more money in your pocket! If some of this does not make sense make certain to click on the link beneath for your free of charge ebook on voice broadcasting and phone dialer billing explanation. It will save you a ton of funds! Penny Dials is one of the only .panies that charges in 6 second increments lacking a 30 second minimum. That is almost unheard of in the autodialer industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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