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The capital of the automobile market in October sales remained flat capital car city sales in October slightly higher than in September, the "golden nine silver ten" popular law or will become history. In November 8th, by the Federation of automobile market conference this month, Beijing auto market is completely different from the national market situation is excellent, characteristic of total sales increased month by month, Beijing October sales market is still flat, but the total sales ratio increased slightly in September. Deputy managing director of China Automobile Association tangible market chamber of Commerce long Su Hui (micro-blog) said that despite the October put at the beginning of the holiday, but consumers are not the same as in previous years the use of vacation time to look at the car, the car did not appear, stimulating consumption, therefore, effective closing date also reduced. But the capital used car market rebounded in October, due to the total amount of second-hand cars in the new car will be strictly regulated in 2017, consumers will choose to replace the vehicle near the end of the year. Overall statistics, in October the total car sales slightly higher than in September. It is understood that the news that the imported car market in 2017 will have a new car consumption tax adjustment, the consumption tax from production field to levy imposed at the field of circulation, this information will be expected to meet the import car market to buy imported cars and luxury cars began to show active trend. In addition, relying on the capital of Beijing airport air superiority, opened up a car flight channel, vehicle clearance time from the original average of 3 to 4 days shortened to 1.5 days, the fastest clearance time is only half a day. Consumers can directly in the capital airport customs formalities for the import of all kinds of air vehicles. In addition, Beijing is facing the ordinary car success rate is low, the status indicator of new energy vehicles overheating. At the end of October this year, the current audit results released October Beijing passenger quota management system, the ordinary passenger car index success rate to a record low of only 0.132%, which means that only one can check every 754 applicants. As of mid October, 60 thousand new energy vehicles next year indicators, there are already waiting in line for 15163 applicants. In accordance with the direct configuration, first come first served principle, these 15163 indicators quota has been scheduled, accounting for 29.7% of the total number of indicators next year. From 2017 there are more than a month, but nearly 30% of new energy vehicles have been scheduled to go. Although the demand for new energy vehicles looks hot, but really get the index has been a few buyers. This year, 60 thousand have been assigned the index of new energy vehicles, the actual amount on the card only 16 thousand and 300 cars, there are at least 43 thousand and 700 get new energy vehicles indicators have not been Car Buying, accounting for up to 72.8%. Valid indicators of new energy vehicles for 6 months, which means there is a part of the people get the index eventually chose to abandon, another part of the people in the car, whether which car to buy between vacillating. New energy automotive market increasingly prominent contradictions. But Beijing will also gradually improve the truck control efforts, and relying on the city’s traffic violations and traffic order rectification night action climax day and other activities carried out within the city of illegal goods concentrated rectification, and actively create a strict control of the high-pressure atmosphere. This will affect the car dealers in the road transport and delivery of orders,.相关的主题文章:

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