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Marketing Hows this for an ideal market thirty million strong, and predicted to spend nearly $200 billion dollars this year. No, those arent baby boomers or even upper middle-class Americans. Theyre teenagers, and more than ever before theyre making their own buying decisions, so it makes sense for savvy businesses to reach out to them with new and innovative marketing techniques. Be Cool, Be Fun If your business caters to the younger crowd, youll make a long-lasting impression when you sponsor a wristband giveaway at a local high school football game. Offer the first 300 through the door a silicone wristband in school colors and printed with your business name. Then give teens that stop in while wearing your bracelet a free dessert at your restaurant, a discounted makeover at your salon, or a free round of miniature golf at your fun park. Kids love to collect and wear these brightly colored bands, but even more importantly, theyll serve as a constant reminder of your business not only to the wearer, but to everyone she meets. When designing wristbands for teen wear, keep it fun and attention grabbing. Bright swirls, unusual color .binations, and clever quotes are sure winners. Glow-in-the dark bracelets are a whimsical treat, and school colors and mascots are always popular. And if you include the name of the event, such as 2011, your giveaway will be.e a treasured keepsake. Make Friends Want to really ramp up your teen marketing? Tie it into their favorite social media outlet. When designing your wristbands, make sure you include your Facebook fan page address, and encourage kids to like you by giving a coupon or other valuable prize. Now you have a way to stay in touch with teens long after your wristband giveaway is over. For a Good Cause Not only are teens smart consumers, theyre socially conscious as well, and they love to stand up for a worthy cause. For your next fundraising event, consider selling wristbands in a variety of colors, and encourage teens to collect them all. Or offer various levels of sponsorship, each with its own custom silicone bracelet. Once kids see their peers wearing the bands, their .petitive spirits take over, making marketing a breeze. Silicone wristbands are also a great choice when it .es time to raise money for a senior trip, new sports equipment, or even summer camp. Rather than costly cookies or magazine subscriptions, offer inexpensive silicone wristbands for increased participation. Not only are sales improved when you offer a low-cost alternative, but imprinting the name of your event on the bands will turn a simple fundraiser into a lasting memory. When shopping for silicone wristbands, look for a manufacturer capable of creating multi-colored bands in a variety of styles. Quality silicone wristbands have no seams to cause the band to break, and can be debossed or silk-screened. In addition, look for bracelets that .e packaged individually, for greater quality control and convenience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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