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CCTV mid autumn evening star strong audience seats for the Tang style building new – site map in Beijing August 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 26 days, CCTV announced the "2016 CCTV Mid Autumn Festival" will be held in September 15th 20 to 22 held in Xi’an. According to this year’s Mid Autumn Festival Party’s two general director Li Shen, Jing Xin, the late autumn will continue past autumn night beautiful warm and romantic atmosphere and style, and strive to combine the current event hot this year, make a both traditional flavor, cultural characteristics, humanistic spirit, and the spirit of the age, modern nature, the correct guidance of public opinion, the theme of distinctive party. A party in song form as the main body, inviting the currently active in the Chinese music All-Star DEDECATES joined by bring together the different age and nationality, pop, rock, folk art and other art forms together, to create a national reunion of the grand carnival. At the same time, review the party will be combined with the 95 anniversary of the founding of this year, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army and other major historical events, at the same time in the praise of the victorious return China Olympic athletes never give up, for the spirit of the party to make more sense of the times and practical significance. This year the autumn evening production stage design in the principle of austerity, the real building existing studio made maximum use of. The party to China’s largest imitation of the Tang Dynasty building, Ziyun floor for the audience background, on the side of the square to build an artificial landscape lake. The stage body through an open China traditional painting image, Xi’an Daming Palace walls and turrets and other elements organically, realize the platform in the water, the water in the illusion of Taichung, creating a through the millennium, through the ancient and modern romance. In addition to the party structure "," prelude to the moon or the end of "sea moon", will be the "Changan" by the novella, "the Silk Road" revitalizing, the "three chapters" perfect conjugal bliss. To highlight the autumn evening cultural temperament, will be in the process of the show live in a "public service" in the form of insertion of celebrity culture interpretation of culture and civilization of Tang Dynasty, Mid Autumn Festival reunion nostalgia. In order to enhance the program viewing, the autumn night in the whole package program also made many explorations in the host, appearances, virtual reality and the conversion of many different aspects of art forms are combined with new surprises can be expected. It is reported that, at the appointed time, CCTV-1, CCTV-4 and machine to the audience at home and abroad live. (end)相关的主题文章:

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