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The central media initiative: the Spring Festival with my parents put the mobile phone news – Sohu during the Spring Festival, WeChat grab red hot war; not only to share the delicious food on the table, are based on micro-blog win more praise; replaced by SMS pay New Year’s call vivid expression in the circle of friends…… Micro-blog, WeChat and other social media almost become an indispensable flavor in a "food", as a pleasurable occupation "bow" has become a new landscape of Chinese new year on the table, in front of the TV, the fire. However, the Xinhua News Agency published an article pointed out that from the family reunion dinner to eat, chat with the elders, from the restaurant to the subway, bus, regardless of time, place to indulge in mobile phone, ignoring the family especially face-to-face communication, exchange and companionship and elders, will lose the new taste, the elderly feel helpless. Even new loneliness. The article said that home is the best parents comfort, but also the opportunity of filial sons and daughters. Brush your head and brush your cell phone screen. Perhaps, for most of the "bow clan", it is not intended to disrespect the elders or others, but is kidnapped by new technologies and tools. But no matter how the communication tools change, affection, filial piety, courtesy should not change. Science and technology change life, but it can not close the distance between people in the virtual world, but it opens the distance between heart and heart in the real world. Xinhua news agency, the article suggests that, when the whole family reunion, "bow" should have new rules. "Happy alone" may be translated into "happy people", the key is to ignore the people around. Try and interested elders play together with friends, relatives and friends may wish to grab a red envelope, in the chat with when the mobile phone may quietly put away, at dinner and enjoy the delicious down mobile phone…… Coincidentally, the "people’s Daily" official micro also asked users, "new year, your phone, there are parents figure?"" Micro-blog wrote, "today, new year’s day, photo, photo, is an indispensable theme. But in your phone, there are classmates, friends, lovers, children, in addition to the family portrait, but always let parents absent. Parents will do everything we can to support our happiness today." "People’s Daily" asks netizens forwarding suggestions: "new year, when you put down your mobile phone, spend more time with your parents; pick up your camera and catch more of them."!" "People’s Daily" lists "40 small things for parents" list also includes "put down the phone, turn on the TV", in addition to teaching parents to use instant messaging tools, red packets to parents. Look at the list and see how many you’ve done

央媒倡议:春节放下手机 多陪爸妈-搜狐新闻   新春佳节,微信里“抢红包”大战火热;分享美味食物不光在餐桌上,还被搬上了微博赢得更多人点赞;短信拜年被朋友圈里的生动表情所代替……微博、微信等社交媒体几乎成为年味里不可缺少的一道“菜”,自得其乐的“低头族”也成了饭桌上、电视机前、火炉边的过年新风景。   然而,新华社刊发文章指出,从吃团圆饭到围炉陪长辈聊天,从餐馆到地铁、公交车里,不分时间、场合沉迷于手机,忽略了与亲人特别是与长辈面对面的沟通、交流与陪伴,就失去了过年的味道,家中老人感到无奈,甚至产生新的孤独感。   文章称,回家过年是对父母最好的精神慰藉,也是儿女尽孝的机会。一面低头刷手机屏幕,一面心不在焉地敷衍,有悖人伦和亲情。也许,对绝大部分“低头族”而言,并非有意对长辈或者他人不敬,只是被新技术、新工具“绑架”了。但不管交流工具怎么变,亲情、孝心、礼貌都不应当变。科技改变生活,但不能拉近了虚拟世界中人与人的距离,却拉开了现实世界里心与心的距离。   新华社文章建议,阖家团圆之时,“低头族”应给自己立点新规矩。“独乐乐”不妨转化为“众乐乐”,关键是莫冷落了身边人。不妨试着和感兴趣的长辈一起玩朋友圈、抢红包,不妨在亲人朋友聊天叙旧时悄悄收起手机,不妨在吃饭时放下手机与大家一起享受美味……   无独有偶,“@人民日报”官微也向网友发问,“过年,你的手机里,有爸妈的身影吗?”   微博写道,“今天,大年初二,拍照合影,是不可或缺的主题。但是,你的手机里,有同学、朋友、爱人、孩子,除了全家福,却总是让爸妈缺席。父母以竭尽所能的供养,换来我们今天的幸福。”   “@人民日报”请网友转发倡议:“过年,放下手机时,多陪陪爸妈;拿起相机,多捕捉他们身影吧!”“@人民日报”列出的“给爸妈做40件小事”的清单里也包括“放下手机、打开电视”,此外还有教爸妈使用即时通讯工具,给爸妈发红包等。比照清单,看看你做了几件?相关的主题文章:

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