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UnCategorized Energy healing helps balance the seven main chakras. It is very .mon in today’s world with busy schedules, poor diets and lack of sleep to have our chakras unbalanced. I would venture to guess that most people do not even know what it feels like to have their chakras in balance. Energy healing will allow you to get back in touch with your body. Energy healing will also help you feel balanced, whole and an over all sense of well being. There are several different ways to perform chakra energy healing, but we will only discuss one in this article. Make sure that the energy healing technique feels right for you and you are .fortable with it. The energy healing process we will discuss today involves using gemstones. Typically the gemstone will have the same color as the chakra it is meant to balance. This energy technique can be done one chakra at a time or all seven chakras at once. This can be very helpful if you know you have a certain chakra out of balance and want to work on that one only. First begin with a good cleansing of the chakras. Take a stone like black obsidian for the cleansing process. This stone is known to draw out the negative energy that can be lodged in your chakras. Place the stone in your writing hand and move it over the chakra to be cleansed in a counter clockwise motion. As you are doing this imagine in your minds eye the negative energies .ing out and being absorbed into the stone. You should start at the root chakra and move up one by one. You may notice that certain chakras will need more cleansing then others. After you think the chakras are cleansed it is time to move on to placing the stones and the chakra energy healing. Assuming you are going to do the chakra energy healing with all seven chakras, start by placing the corresponding gemstone on that chakra. You should work from the root chakra up. It can be helpful to have someone help place the gemstones on you. Some examples of the stones I use for each corresponding chakra are as follows. Chakra energy healing stones Root = red tigers eye Sacral = carnelian Solar plex = citrine Heart = jade Throat = turquoise Third eye = amethyst Crown = quartz crystal You can use a quartz crystal for all the chakras when performing chakra energy healing. If you do not feel .fortable with a certain gemstone, do not use it. There is usually a reason for this and it is best to trust your intuition. As each gemstone is placed on the corresponding chakra you want to feel the energy of the gemstone infusing your chakra with positive energy. In chakra energy healing it helps to picture the energy pure, clear and healthy. You also want to see the energy swirling into you in a clockwise direction. Take your time with this and do not move on to the next chakra till you feel the current chakra is healthy, strong and energized. As you move on, do not stop the energy flow from the previous chakra, allow it to continue energizing that chakra. After the crown chakra is .pleted you want to lay there and picture the energy from all the gemstones recharging your chakras till you feel it is .plete. Chakra energy healing can be done with the help another person if desired. It is best to have a person you trust and feel a strong connection with. This is so there is not any negative energies introduced while performing the chakra energy healing. When you have .pleted the chakra energy healing you should ground yourself. Sit still for several minutes and adjust once again to your surroundings. Have a glass of water and allow the chakra energy to stabilize. This chakra energy healing technique can be done daily if you feel you need it. As you practice this you will notice that your vitality is increasing and you have a good overall sense of well being. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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