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"Change it in" star Qu Ying and Zhang Yixing traced the family placed photo – Sohu   entertainment; Qu Ying recorded it in amazing star entertainment news the evening of September 13th Sohu 22:00, broadcast by Anhui satellite TV all star Home Furnishing transformation life service program "Star" in the second phase change it will be staged. After Ken Chu Han Wenwen joined hands to reform the marriage room, actress and supermodel Qu Ying confirmed to join the private space for the transformation of Home Furnishing articles. Not only the details of the home for the first time exposure, Qu Ying even more strokes, on-site exposure to withdraw from the entertainment circle? This came to the show, Qu Ying first exposure of their Home Furnishing space, with the most personal private sun room to reform. Program, the transformation of space into a studio than one, Qu Ying’s home space is also the first time in the audience’s attention. 20 square meters of sun room not only a collection of Qu Ying twenty years ago has also placed a costume, and Zhang Yixing. Qu Ying’s photo is taken two years ago, "at that time is to join the program, and then Zhang Yixing particularly lovely, I took the Changsha Mandarin accent said first," I think you are an international superstar since childhood. "" Behind the picture there was an interesting interaction, "said his mother Yixing is my fans, I asked him how big your mother, he said" my mother was so big, more than and 40 ‘, I say’ I’m more than and 40 ", and then he said," Oh, that is not my mother. "." Experience the joke. However, in all the peaceful exploration of Qu Ying house when Qu Ying unexpectedly shouted, "after you finish this show, I was ready to quit acting!" What happened, let Qu Ying out so big? For more details, please pay attention will be broadcast on the evening of September 13th, the Anhui satellite TV "Star" in the variety.相关的主题文章:

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